Saturday, September 28, 2013

snapless saturday

Ok, I know that this totally lands in the TMI category, but deal with it.

That bad landing on my bum on Thursday?? It is now a good 8 or 9 inch square bruise on my arse that is black. I think TheMostImportantGuy is worried a chunk of my rear end might die and fall off.

While he worries, I however, I have taken to constantly remarking about how my butt-ocks hurt, and since I can't write inflection here very well, know that I am saying butt-ocks ala Forest Gump.

And don't tell me "you'd kinda like to see that," either...because I'd probably show you.


The Bon said...

Ha! I do love a good bruise (seriously, they're so fascinating!) Glad you're finding some humor while it takes its sweet time healing.