Friday, September 06, 2013

tomorrow...the beginning of the end

I'm just exhausted.  This 5:30am wake-up thing to get MyFavoriteKid off to Zero-Period band practice (before school) is really a challenge for me, especially on Fridays because I have dance class so late on Thursday nights.  I'm just wiped!   

Last night was extra special.  It's been so hot here at YeOldeHaus I've needed to sleep with the windows open, and since I'm basically butted up against a field here, that means the nighttime critters are audible.  Last night there was a skunk in the yard, which I first heard, and then the middle of the night...and then the dog went nuts barking out the window at him/her for a bit.  My six hours of sleep was reduced substantially.

I'm hoping to get a bit more rest tonight.  I get to "sleep in" (?!) until a luxurious 7am tomorrow, but at 8am I have to meet the painter over at TheNewDiggs to settle up on THE FINAL PHASE OF REMODELING there.  Next week the hallway and all its many doors and closets gets painted out, as well as the stairwell and railings, and the newly sanded and stained stairs will get a few final coats of sealer. 

And then, my friends...we are DONE.  

There may be a few more tasks we do ourselves, and we may have our handyman friend friend in for a little bit of this and that as things turn up, but once the paint dries next week, we are officially done with contractors for a mighty long while.

Now I just need to decide how to celebrate.  After 2 years of remodeling, this really truly does need to be commemorated!!

(pardon typos and errors if there are any. it's 11pm and I'm going straight to bed without even proofing I'm so beat. hope it made some sense! LOL)