Wednesday, October 30, 2013

as I often say: shop, drop!

I don't know about y'all, but I am feeling SO exhausted lately!  This getting up in the morning in the dark is for the birds! (well, actually...even the birds aren't up as early as I am!!) 
I'm seriously looking forward to the time change.

Today was nice.  I had some free time to myself in the morning, and I used it to go through a few stacks and piles that have built up over the last few weeks.  Liberating. 

In the afternoon MyFavoriteKid needed some shuttling around, but since he has his learner's permit and needs to get more hours under his belt, I let him do the driving.  He's doing great, but I'm still white knuckling it a little bit.  I wonder if I'll ever get comfortable enough where I can knit in the car while he drives.
Ha! That'll be the day!

I wonder if I WAS knitting....would I be white knuckling less....??
Can any of you out there chime in on that??

This evening I went to a little party that involved clothes shopping. I went to one of these parties last year, and I was very skeptical.  Basically, it's a clothing designer that retails her line sort of like a Tupperware party (anyone remember those?!).  A person agrees to be a hostess and invites a bunch of her friends.  The representative shows up with a ton of samples, does a presentation, and then you get try on the goods (because this is clothing and not tupperware, it looks like a lot of women ripping off their clothes and drinking wine though...much more fun!)
You pick out what you want, you fill out an order form, and your order gets sent to you the following week or so. The hostess gets a bonus gift or credit or something based on how her friends buy.

Like I said, I was skeptical last year.  The prices seemed a little steep, and some of the things I really wanted to try on weren't sampled in my size (ie big), so I just had to hope it would all work out.  It turned out that once my shipment arrived, there was only one blouse I didn't care for, and they had no problem accepting a return.  Everything else I ordered I kept. I have been amazed to find that the fabrics are totally what you are paying for. Nothing has faded or pilled, nothing looks worn. The fabrics have totally held their shape, and the look and feel like quality.  There was one item I ordered and kept last year that I haven't worn much, but only because it's a little on the fancier side, and honestly, I just dont get out that much!  But I do love it, and it fits and looks great!! 

This year I learned from that and spent my money on a few things that are more on the casual side. I know that they will get worn to death. 

Alrighty. Tired. Early wake up again tomorrow (5:30am...gah!) and then probably up late tomorrow with Halloween!  So I'm hitting the hay.  xo!