Monday, October 21, 2013

good day, bad day

Well, good thing yesterday was good.
Not so good.

Poor Teeny.  At the vet today.  In her special blankie. Racking up another $500+ vet bill. 

I am not kidding. Over the past two years, this dog has proven herself to be the most expensive pet I have ever had, and she is the tiniest. I guess you don't pay by the pound when it comes to dogs, do ya'.

It's her back. She has a couple of slightly flattened discs in her thoracic vertebrae (the lowest ones that are still attached to the ribs, sort of the middle of back for her).  The discs might be the problem, or she may have just really pulled something (doing something stupid like jumping off high furniture chasing after Riley when he goes nuts because there is some wildlife in the yard).  Only time will tell if its the muscles or the discs.  Meanwhile, I'm supposed to make sure she's not jumping up and down or making any sudden movements (yah. right.) for a few weeks.

Just when I got home from the vet and got her all settled in, I got a call from the convalescent facility telling me that James is being transported back to the hospital-hospital due to some really low numbers with his kidneys.  Odd, because I'd seen him only a few hours earlier!  When Teeny was at the vet and they said they'd have to keep her for a couple of hours to do x-rays and check her kidneys, I used that time to make a visit to James. He looked great! 

After I got off the phone with the convalescent hospital I just stood in my kitchen and yelled. At no one in particular. Well, maybe I was yelling at the universe.  MyFavoriteKid came out of his room because he thought I was yelling at him for forgetting to do something.  
I was just yelling. 

Felt good.

And then I heated up some of that soup.

Which felt good, too.

I don't always remember to take care of myself when I'm busy taking care of others, so soup is progress.  Actually, my therapist suggested that perhaps I might start "collecting soups".... hahaha!  She said I didn;t have to make them. Just pick up some good once from restaurants or a deli or gourmet market or something.  
I can see it now.   "Hello! My name is AmpuTeeHee, I am 46 years old, a single mom, and my hobbies include dancing, and knitting, and soup collecting."  hahahahaha

Can you tell I am getting tired and goofy?!  *sigh*

Well, I expect the next few days to be rather interesting.  Dopey medicated doggy on restriction, a trip or two the hospital, my cousin visiting for a couple of days, and a family dinner to host on Wednesday. 

Wait! I know! SOUP FOR EVERYONE!!! hahahaha


Jodi said...

Gazpacho para todos! ;)

The Bon said...

On facebook you can like "various soups" as an interest.