Tuesday, October 15, 2013

lonely hearts club

Filched from my own Facebook page, so pardon if you've seen it already (because after two Redd's Apple Ales I cant come up with anything more creative!).

Lonely Hearts Club. That's what we call it when you are the only one to show up at Knit Night. Which is at a sports bar. So at least I'm knitting and having a cold one with CardboardCowboy!

 It's not so bad being the President of The Lonely Hearts Club after all.  A) I'm actually getting some knitting done  B) We're a small knitting group and we've all had a term as President, it's only fair  C) Not Only amd I with CardboardCowboy, but I'm also wtih FlatCheerleader and SmallScaleNascarChic!


In the end, it wasn't lonely at all.  TheMostImportantGuy showed up for a beer and a veggie burger, and he shared his fries ;-)