Friday, October 04, 2013

self preservation

I have a story, but I'm going to have to owe you that story.  For tonight, it's 10pm and I am just not feeling quite I'm tucking myself in....toot sweet!

I made two more shopping deliveries today to people at home not feeling well, and one of them had "the plague", as she called it.  Well, I am either showing signs of catching it....or actually, I might just be showing signs of not having had enough sleep, doing too much in one day today, and perhaps I might not be responding well to all the smoke in the air from nearby fires (I can indeed smell it, plus we've had a lot wind here, too).

Whatever is going on, I don't feel as well as I should, and I don't have the luxury of down time, so I have to see if I can get some rest and get ahead of this bugger!! 
Not much going on tomorrow (yay!) so I will have time for actually sitting and writing something by the light of day for a change!

Nighty night, loves...