Saturday, January 18, 2014

snaps on saturday

Oooo this post was typed up Saturday night while I was at TheNewDiggs, and apparently I filed it as a draft rather than publishing it! Here we go, though!

The first pic is a few weeks old, the second pic is from today.

I'm always trying to make some of my holiday gift giving to be handmade, and here is something I did this year.

 When TheMostImportantGuy's father passed away (Dec '11) it wasn't long after that his mother started bringing TheMIG some of his father's clothes (they were about the same size).  Two of the garments were cashmere sweaters, and while they were lovely, when TheMIG donned them, he looked  a little bit like Mr.Rogers (as we know, I love Mr.Rogers....but I'm not sure if it's such a good look for TheMIG).

So I turned them into holiday stockings, one for his sister that she got on Christmas Day....

....and one for him, which unfortunately was not finished until today (better late than never I suppose).

I made them by slightly felting (fulling, really) the sweaters in the washing machine before cutting them, then I used a store bought stocking I had on hand already as a template.  I sewed the stockings together by hand (I did the first one before taking the sewing (machine) class, and I'm also not quite ready to sew on a machine with knit fabric yet anyhow).  I put the names on the band by needle felting using a natural color single ply wool yarn.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
Soft and lovely, and sweetly sentimental.