Saturday, February 15, 2014

snaps on saturday

Dear AngelOfStrayDogs--

Thank you for making sure the owner of this sweetheart of a dog appeared. Thank you for the man who pointed us to the very soggy Lost Dog sign on the street post.

I can't really handle this family growing any bigger, but there is no way I could have kicked this sweetiepie out of my car after she jumped in it all by herself and licked my face. 

So glad we got it sorted out. 
Always Your Servant--
The Biggest Sucker Ever


The Bon said...

there's no way i'd have been able to resist that face either. what a sweetheart. i'm glad you got her back to her family!!

not supergirl said...

I'm with you. And in the same circumstances (minus the found owner) she would've lived with me, too. What a face!