Saturday, March 22, 2014

snaps on saturday

Let's see.

Home last night from concert and picking up MyFavoriteKid from his band competition around 11:30pm, asleep by 12 midnight.
Alarm went off at 5:45am and we were back at the high school by 7am for today's competition.

I am wiped.
MyFK is more wiped.

Only 1 more week of Winter Drumline season, with one last competition next Saturday (the Championship Finals).

Fuzzy phone photos from today.
First up:  One school's routine was set to a medley Bugs Bunny tunes.
Complete with Silly Wabbit.

Later on was a "Surf's Up" (aka Wipeout) routine......

...complete with tinfoil shark fin.

Our crews today....first our B-Line

Then the A-Line (MyFk's group)

Sorry for the lousy pics.  I forgot my real camera. Only had my phone.  And these kids move around too much!!

Exhausted. Off to bed. 
Little shindig at TheNewDiggs tomorrow, and I have to get up early to hostess!