Sunday, March 09, 2014

so maybe i should stop planning sometimes

Wow, today was productive, and we didn't even plan for it to be.

The only real thing on the books today was recovering from (danged stupid, if you ask me) Daylight Savings Time, and then MyFavoriteKid had a private drum lesson followed by some time with his girlfriend.

TheMostImportantGuy had the whole day free, and believe me, we probably could have spent it just laying around relaxing...but instead we decided on a whim to clean out the garage at TheNewDiggs.  There was one corner of it still holding left over construction materials from last summer's bathroom remodel, including the old toilet and shower door.  There was also a bunch of random things that we'd set aside for the garage sale that we'll probably never have.

We pulled it all out, then we called our regular guy for odd jobs and hauling, and lo and behold, he was free to do it today (I figured we'd call and make a plan for sometime during the week...but same day service! woohoo!).

By the end of the day he had hauled away the junk and agreed to get the stuff that could be re-purposed into a salvage yard.  He also got rid of some debris left behind in the back forty, which now makes the property looking quite spic and span!  Then TheMIG and I hauled some of the smaller usable items over to Goodwill. Before we left I got out the shop vac and cleaned the whole place spic and span.

All done. One afternoon. Pretty great.

And now we get to chip away at the garage at YeOldHouse, which will NOT be a one day task, I am sure. But I am hoping bit by bit we'll have it under raps just as easily.  We're going to have to. Because eventually I'm outta here!


~Donna~ said...

Hi! Now that my Honey is here permanently, we are doing the same thing in our apartment to get ready for his stuff. Does your guy cover my area? We've got some old furniture to get rid of and I need a "hauling guy"...