Monday, March 03, 2014

yes, i am that crazy lady

I cut out the little fabric circles yesterday, and the next step is to singe the edges. My plan has been to do that while sitting on the patio at TheNewDiggs, but that was not meant to be today.  The MostImportantGuy has come down with the flu and basically slept all day at TheNewDiggs. Since I cannot afford to get sick (anytime really, but especially in March when the kid has performances every weekend and I have the dance festival mid-month) I went to TND only long enough to hand him a couple of quarts of soup out the car window.  Then I headed back to YeOldHaus.

Ye Old Haus doesn't have a covered porch or any coverage from rain whatsoever in the back yard. In the front of the house, there is really only a covered stoop. The front of the house is pretty danged exposed to the street, and this a tight community where everybody waves at each other as they drive by.

But I needed to be outside if I was going to work on the flowers, and I needed to wear the crazy ventilator mask if I was to be safe.  So click that last link to see what my face would look like (what little of it you can see), and then picture me sitting here:

I have gone from being that one legged lady that lives in the blue house to being that nutty one legged lady that sits on her stoop in the rain wearing a ventilator and burning little bits of something, making I dont know what, while blasting NPR podcasts like WaitWaitDon'tTellMe and Fresh Air.

I'm so glad MyFavoriteKid was at school while I was doing this. If he caught me looking like that he'd roll his eyes and I'd get the big "Mommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!"