Friday, January 13, 2006


On New Year's Eve, TheMIG and I were channel surfing while waiting for the countdown to midnight. I could have sworn I saw a commercial for an upcoming televison series about amputees, but I wasn't paying full attention, and I even thought maybe I was imagining things. We were pretty sure we had been watching The Discovery Health Channel at the time (I know, hot stuff for a New Year's Eve, eh?!). I thought I caught that it had something about being "rebuilt" in the title.... but in the days following, I tried to search for it and couldn't find a thing. I checked the on-screen cable guide, the Discovery Channel's website, and just plain googling it, but I couldn't find any information.

Well, the information finally found me.
The ACA (Amputee Coalition of America) just emailed me a press release:

New Television Series Features Amputees
Discovery Health Channel will launch a new series on amputees titled “Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop” beginning Wednesday, January 18, from 10-11 p.m. (ET/PT).

“Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop” follows the remarkable personal journeys of men, women and children who are overcoming tragedy and introduces the dedicated professionals who are helping them rebuild their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

This series was filmed at the Orthotic Prosthetic Center, an ACA member based in Fairfax, VA.

ACA also provided Discovery Health access to “The Body Electric: Recent Developments in Bionic Technology,” written by ACA senior editor Bill Dupes, for inclusion on its Web site. Join Discovery Health’s ½ million daily Web visitors in reading this article at

I am SO making use of the TiVO for this........
reviews to follow.