Tuesday, January 10, 2006

yay!!! boooooooo.....

Well, I'm sure this isn't much to all the amazing nerds out there, but for me this is big: I finally figured out how to edit the links sidebar (even so they'll pop up in another window). Being that I accomplished this ALL BY MYSELF, and being that it was done in HTML (read as: Chinese), I am very pleased with myself. It makes up for a few of the other feelings of inadequacy I've acquired this week while trying to keep up in dance rehearsals. I've been attempting to learn many new techniques, and when I catch myself in the mirror it looks like I have a looooong way to go.

So I know this blog-task I've finally accomplished isn't all that grand, but hey, it IS progress. And even though I dont really understand how I made it work, I do finally know how to read the instructions. And hey, I can knit a sweater just using string and a couple of sticks, can you nerdy?? (and I know some of you can, so I'll just shut up now) Anyway, maybe next I'll figure out a better way for replying to your comments.

Oh! I finally figured out how to get a photo into my profile, too! It's probably kind of hard for you to really see the details unless you click on the photo to enlarge it, but that is a portrait of my "Leg As Vase". It was used on a flyer for a benefit dance concert for, guess who...ME! The money raised by all of the wonderful performers who danced with (and for) me, paid for the expenses so that I could go study with Axis Dance Company at their summer intensive in Seattle.

There is a story behind the "Leg As Vase" photo, and it is two fold:

First, if I were playing a television gameshow, like "Let's Make a Deal," for example, (I know...I'm dating myself) never in a million years would I have put "losing my leg" behind door number three. I had a feeling that something big was going to happen in my life eventually, probably sooner rather than later....loss of a loved one, cancer, who knows what...but I would never have guessed I'd be losing a limb. "Door Number 3" then became the title for a solo I choreographed and performed marking the 1st anniversary of my amputation.

Secondly, I've often found myself saying that my life is very full...like a big beautiful bouquet. I often feel vibrant and blooming, just spilling over with energy. But I also often say that I have no container to put that bouquet into. I've spent many years of my life seeking a vase I could put me and my energy into, and while within that container, feel held and, well, "contained".
I'm not sure my prosthesis is "it". Kinda leaky. But this photo tied several metaphors together for me.
FYI, the leg in that picture is NOT the current duct-tape glue-gun prosthesis. That's the older "sexy" leg....but very soon I will have photos of the new one for you, because....
There really is a Holiday Elf!! TheMIG's folks gernerously gave me a giftcard, and I ordered a digital camera yesterday. It should be here in a few days.

Other than just getting a call that I'm in collections for another three grand in medical bills I had no idea existed, I'm pretty happy.