Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it's me

I have done some catching up. Based on my calculations, I ended last night about 6 rows behind on the lace, and about 24 rows behind on the stockinette portion (but's that's fast and easy knitting). Goddess-of-Knitting willing, I've got more knitting time over the weekend than I've had during this week.

I may or may not get a gold for my knitting.

But I think I should at least be awarded gold for:
* the most used paper plates (to avoid doing dishes)
* the longest run without going to the grocery store
* the largest pile of laundry ever created by a household of two (extra points for technical merit: most consecutive days a load of wet clothes has been left sitting in a washing machine)
* the most hours sitting on my ass (but I'm sure I have a bunch of contenders for that one)

I had started to write a COMPLETELY different post this morning, and it's title was to be:
"is it just me??"

It was to be about my experience of watching last night's Olympics Figure Skating (the Men's Short Program). The announcers were dishing out this endless negative commentarty about the skaters, and it had me sinking into some kind of funk...a quasi-mini-depression. I had been half knitting and half watching, but my ears were listening....and their disapproving remarks were trickling in like a diseased interaveneous drip. The things I heard them saying, and the tone in which I heard it said, was so upsetting to me that I actually grabbed a pen and started to write things down.

What I'm used to hearing commentators say are things like, "he landed on the inside edge, so he couldnt grab the ice," or "he has still to develop maturity, but that was an excellent showing for this 19 year old's first Olympics." Technical things. Sprinkled with opinion.

What I was hearing instead were comments like, "He's more like a soccer player trying to do a tapdance, " and, "You want to wring his neck!! There is an OBLIGATION to work that talent."

Now, those two comments above actually WERE made....but I swear to you that I heard just about every single comment made last night in that same vein....said with the kind of horrible parental tone that sends people to a therapist for few years on the couch. The "it's never good enough" stuff. The inadequacy stufff. The stuff that pushed people to be over acheivers. Like the kid who gets all A's and B, and then receives the reward of "that's good, but you could always improve, dear."
(we aren't talking about me or my childhood, by the way *ahem*)

SO. Thanks to the power of TiVO, a cup of coffee, and the need to catch up with my knitting, I decided to replay last night's Men's Short Program this morning...and my plan was to jot a complete list for you of all of the evil things stated by the commentators.

Except today I didn't hear any of them.
I heard common critique and a coupl unneccessary jabs, but I didnt hear the incessant criticism that I heard last night.

SO what in the F%&# was wrong with me last night???!!!!!!!
"is it just me??"
Ummmmmmmmmmm YAH.
It's just me. LOL.
I'm trying to figure out if it's because I'm pms-ing, if it's because I'm missing TheMIG, if it's from lace knitting frustrations, or if it's because I'm watching the Olympics instead of getting my usual nightly relief with The Daily Show and the Colbert Report.


Melinda said...

It's not just you. I thought the skating announcers were bitchy, too. I think it's because they got MORE negative toward the end, so the nasty comments are what lingered in your mind. I was personally limiting my bitchy comments to wardrobe issues.

I got here from the Harlot's comments because your personal gold medal events cracked me up. I'm currently competing in "Using All the Clean Laundry Directly from the Laundry Room to Avoid Folding," and I think I'm well in the lead.

Diana said...

Shit, if they're giving out gold medals for sitting on your ass in front of the computer when you have a million better things to be doing, then I sincerely expect to win.

But seriously...I was that kid that got all A's and B's and still heard the *you could always improve* thing. Tell you what, that is just wrong. Tell you what else...I catch myself doing it to my kids too. I guess it's not all my parents' fault - I have to spread the blame over several generations no doubt. The funny thing is that if it fucked me up - I can't tell. Is it that I'm uber-fucked up or that somehow it failed to scar me totally? I'm not saying I don't have issues, just that I don't suffer from chronic self-doubt or social anxiety or anything else that I could say holds me back...

Anyway, I don't know how I got off on this I'll stop now.

Sara said...

It's not just you. I never listen to ice skating commentators anymore. I usually turn off the TV sound and put on my own soundtrack of classical or jazz when I watch ice skating now. Have for years. Highly recommend it. Ice skating music usually sucks anyway.

And yet, yeah, I heard those comments, too, and was appalled -- right before changing channels.