Friday, February 17, 2006

at least this much

I am knee deep right now in:
an emotional growth spurt
and a huge pile o' mohair

I dont have time for much, but I wanted to at least respond to this comment:

Ashlupa writes:

I'm with Full Radius; we'll be out there in May.
I checked out your website and your calendar, and I'm going to try to make it to your May show!! Please let me know if I can help with anything locally (promotion or what-not).
For those who'd like their link again, click here

Is Dandelion officially an integrated company, and how long has it been around?
I was stalling on replying because I was hoping that the director (Eric Kupers) would have a moment to answer this one for me (I'm such a slouch LOL). Unfortunately he's swamped...'tis the season for him to be knee deep in grant-season paperwork, amongst other things.

So here's my take on things:

Dandelion Dancetheater was founded in 1996, and no, it is not "officially" a physically integrated dance company. I know that over the years there have been other people with disabilities as cast members. I know of a below-the-knee amputee and at least one wheelchair user. I think in this way the company ends up being physically integrated, but I dont think that's the goal. I would say that the current project is not about integration, but that instead it's primary focus is on using naked dance as a vehicle for exploring the body, death, and impermanace (amongst other things). But with such an extremely diverse cast, one cant help but have integration be part of the project (not just integration of abled/disabled, but of many differences).

My personal defintion of the physicality of this company (and I'm not a big fan of labels), is that it is inclusive.

I think this line from the Dandelion website says it best:
"We teach and create with people of diverse sizes, shapes, ages, cultures and abilities, so that viewers of all walks of life can find themselves reflected in the work."

That's my short answer.
I have a longer answer.
I started typing this reply this morning (pre-coffee), and found myself going down a road that looks like a rant about labels within the dance community. I need to consolidate my thoughts a bit more before I open my big mouth and stick my only foot in it, but stay tuned and I'll post it :-)

As it turns out, Eric just sent an email with a link to an article about Dandelion that was just published online. Enjoy.


Gray said...

That was an interesting post, links included. It's refreshing to see creative and perhaps edgy experimentalism in a time when safety and commercialism preside. Thanks, I enjoyed this and your other most recent post on dance.