Sunday, February 19, 2006

putting the teehee back in amputeehee

One of the original intents of this blog was to record all the incredibly stupid shit people say to me that relates to being an amputee.

Things like:
"WOW your hospital bill must have cost you an arm and a leg!"
"I have no idea what it would be like to walk a mile in your shoes."
(yes, people have actually said these things to me)

Well, I haven't been posting things like that lately, if at all.
So here you go.

Well, ok, at least I get a "teehee" out of this....but do keep in mind that I'm a little twisted and that a good portion of the "disability community" (and then some), finds my humor and insights bizarre and innappropriate.
So beats me if you'll get a chuckle.
But I did.
So there.

Today, while waiting in line to ring out at a register, a complete (dumb broad with way too much blue eyshadow on) stranger said to me:

“Ooooooooooohhhhh have you been watching the Olympics??? I just loooooove the Olympics, don’t you???!!……and isn’t just graaaand that even people like YOU can be included? I mean, people like YOU get to go be in the SPECIAL Olympics!!!!!”

No, Dipshit.
Actually, "people like me" go to the PARALYMPICS, NOT the SPECIAL OLYMPICS.

The Paralympics are for athletes with physical disabilities.
The Special Olympics are for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Both are "just graaaand," true...but they are entirely different organizations for entirely different types of athletes.

I dont care much that you dont know the difference and make that mistake when talking to me, but I strongly suggest you understand the difference between the two before you go congratulating the US Wheelchair Rugby Team (featured in the movie Murderball) for their achievements at the "Specical Olympics". You wouldnt want one of these guys accidently mistaking your head for a soccer ball.

And if you still cant figure out the difference, try reading this.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny...