Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The things an addict will do for a rush are fairly pathetic.

Especially this knitting addict.

I went to my favorite LocalYarnStore (Skein Lane) today for the little workshop thing I love to go to whenever I can (they let me pay as a drop-in). So I figured that if I was going to "window shop" (*ahem*) while in the store, looking at the knitting books was probably a safer bet than fondling the wall of sock yarn (which of course, I also did anyway). I have no dinero to put towards any kind of knitting anything right now...and no, not even a certain paperback book, I'm embarrassed to say.

So like I said, usually the books are the safe bet.
Except the little devil on my shoulder was whispering in my ear that I needed to try to find Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book Knitting Rules! (just to look, you know)....and the angel on the other shoulder was wiping her foreheard in relief when I couldn't find a copy.

So I went to the counter to pay for the drop-in class, and damn...
Wouldn't you know it.
The last copy was out the counter.

Which clearly I couldn't resist.

No matter how hard I tried (which obvioulsy wasn't very hard).

the lovely floral fabric background is a gorgeous scarf one of my dance students, Judy, passed along to me last week...LOVE IT. It's been a scarf, a shawl, a hip scarf sarong thing, a something to lay down on, and now the background for a photo shoot.

My next stop after the yarn store, was at TraderJoe's for less important things like (*ahem*) FOOD, and I couldn't even get out of my car without first sitting and reading the entire chapter on socks.

THEN I finally go in and buy all the little special foods my picky eater needs to be happy, and a little something for myself. My dinner for the rest of the week:

Cup O'Noodles, basically (if you can't make that out or it's unfamilar to you).


for those concerned, by the way...I'm exaggerating....a little bit. ;-)


Sara said...

In my experience, even with all my other addictions (art and craft supplies, food, music, movies...), books are never the safe bet. Never. And who doesn't love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee? Heck, I don't even knit, but I love, love, love her -- the way she sees and the way she writes about it, as well as her art and craft. I know it was naughty (knotty?), but I for one totally understand why you had to buy that book. You really didn't have a choice. And even if it means noodles for a month, well, you could do worse.

Which brings me to another woman who is welcome in my house any time she might care to drop by: Annie Chun. MMMmmmmmmmm... Annie Chun... Girl has a dab hand with a noodle box, and I thank her from the bottom of my stomach for many a crash meal conceived in a state of famishment but, thanks to her, executed before we of this house began gnawing on each other.

Enjoy it all.