Wednesday, April 05, 2006

comments on comments

I'm actually sitting here working on the dance post about Private Place work (no, really--I am), but I just have to say something about the comments lately, because y'all are cracking me up.

Number One--I cannot believe that out of all the months spent lurking on this blog, that my beloved co-teacher Karen (who not only dances, but knits), comes out of hiding not to comment about the dancing or the knitting...but about the tiny little ice-creams. Hahahaha. HILARIOUS.

Number Two--Sara. You know, last night I was reading that new book I bought, and the entire first chapter is about what makes a knitter versus a non-knitter...and I thought about you several times over. Especially the excuses you come up with for not knitting (you coveter of kitty hats). That made it really funny to wake up and see your comments from yesterday. So if you ever get your hands on the book, just go read the examination of a non-knitter part and get back to me. Then I'll either send you some needles and yarn or a completed kitty hat. It's your call ;-)

You also wrote about my being "naughty (knotty?)", and shortly after reading that, I was doing my morning internet trolling and I ended up at The Panopticon (Franklin's the guy I bought the Venus de Knitting shirt from). His most recent post is "Knaughty" and he has a new shirt that I. Must. Have. (after I finish these noodle bowls). Being a core member The Undressed Project who sometimes knits betweens sets at rehearsals, it's basically a must have.

Oh...and I haven't actually "met" Annie Chun "in person" yet. This is my first time inviting her over. We're having lunch together today. Heehee.


Sara said...

No, really, I HATE knitting. How much I completely loathe knitting was a big disappointment to my mother, also named Stephanie, also a brilliant needlewoman. She taught me everything -- embroidery in floss and wool, rug hooking, rudimentary crochet, you name it. She even taught me as much knitting as I could stand (I can knit and purl if I have to), but I HATE it. It's just so knitpicky, if you'll pardon another bad pun.

Crochet is good. Crochet is fine. I will crochet a kitty hat. It will be great. It will only use one stitch. It will only require one needle, and I won't drop or add stitches. I will not count out loud or otherwise drive myself nuts while I make it. In fact, I will not have to pay much attention to what I'm doing at all. And I won't eat (which I've been doing too much) or smoke (which I haven't done in over three years, hence the eating) because I'll be doing that instead, but I'll still be able to soak up every delicious minute of Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Top Chef, Doctor Who, and the end of The West Wing.

I just wish crochet had a Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

BTW, Franklin is hilarious: "If you choose to do this, please do not send me photos of it." hee hee

Oh, and also BTW, in defense of Karen, she actually first delurked for your post on the belly dance festival. If you hadn't written about that first, though, I'm sure the ice cream would have pulled her out. It has that kind of power. We all feel it.

TheAmpuT said...

Oh, sorry girl...but you are sooo wrong! Check the time stamps. Karen's ice cream commentary came an hour before the dancing one. She can't control herself when it comes to chocolate. It is the mighty Chocolate drew her did what even dancing could not do hahaha.

Sara said...

Oh, no, I didn't notice. Hilarious! LOL

Anonymous said...


Thanks for coming to my defense, but Bonnie is right. Food is what drew me out of lurking.

It's very simple: feed me, laugh at my jokes and I'm yours.