Sunday, April 23, 2006

done dancing everywhere

After the Axis Auditions concluded this afternoon, I scooted on over to 8th Street Studios to see Dance-A-Rama (an event for National Dance Week). I hung out for about 4-hours worth of performances and saw Modern, Persian, Bellydance, Aerial, Authentic Movement, Improv, Goddess/Native American Inspired… name it.

As the admirer, wearer, and creatrix of t-shirts that often include a twist of humor (or are actually just outright twisted) or are occasionally a wee bit offensive (*cough cough*)…I am quick to spot them in a crowd.

Today I saw a shirt on an audience member that was quick to point out that National Dance Week had overlooked an entire genre:

Totally hilarious.
(you too can have your very own )

I’m trashed.
I’ve basically been doing the dance thang for three days straight, and feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Nighty night.


Gray said...

Reading your recent blogs is very exciting because you really seem to be taking off and thriving at a high level. You are doing a lot of great things in many directions- parenting, dance, knitting, and more. Even when things are hard your coping and recentering skills sound really rational and effective. (I have also spent time in my car with herbal tea, pen, and paper- a good combination.)

I am two weeks away from performing in a three-concert series amd three weeks away from a theater production- I know about that mixture of excitement, movement, energy, fatigue, and concern that come before a performance. I enjoyed your "birthing" discussion.

Anyway, thanks for all the interesting entries you have made lately. I wanted to make sure you knew that they are appreciated.

Ragnar said...

Wait can't casually drop "creatrix" "wee bit offensive" t-shirts into the mix and not follow up with a money shot. Show me offensive!

And you know...keep on dancin' after you get up from your nap.

Gray said...

I did enjoy the use of the term, "creatrix."