Tuesday, April 25, 2006

money shot

Super-duper busy the next two days, gang (I'll tell you all about it...with photos!...when I get back).

But I wanted to make a very quick post. For Ragnar.

This would be the t-shirt I am wearing here this morning, whilst reading your comment from yesterday....

Like I said. Wee bit offensive ;-)

I am not, however, the Creatrix of this shirt. This one came from T-Shirt Hell. If I was rich, I'd have a closet full of their stuff.

To see the shirts that TheMIG and I make, there's a link in the sidebar. The shirts were really just designed so that I could order them for myself (but then we left them up to see if other folks would buy them, and they actually do). The two most recent designs are "25% Off" (TheMIG made that one..I get lots of laughs when I wear it), and "lucky for me he's an ass man" (that's one of mine). I've had a few ideas for more shirts, but neither one of us has had the time to pour our attention into the maintennance of the Cafe Press site :-(


I wish I could show y'all the shirt that TheMIG was wearing the night I met him. It came from T-Shirt Hell also...but they no longer offer it (at first I thought maybe because it wasn't a hot item and they were making room for new shirts). As it turns out, it was pulled because it was in the "Worse Than Hell" category, and there was too much whinin' and controversy about it's content. I did google a bit to find one image of a person wearing it, but the photo was more offensive than the actual shirt! I'm not even going to bother telling y'all which one it is, but it was one of these.

I'd already been nibbling at his bait....but the humor of his shirt hooked me. It didn't take him much longer after that to completely reel me in :-)


I actually started updating my sidebar yesterday to update the links to the blogs I read, and was including a section to list the places on the internet that I buy my t-shirts. Got it all nice and organzied, then pressed the I-Am-So-Not-A-Geek-Button and somehow erased it all *sigh*.

If at first you don't succeed..........


Ragnar said...

I tried to update my sidebar links awhile back and it was so awful that I decided I had to wait a few more years, before I could face it again.

Thanks for the money shot, I feel much better now...and I'll never look at my birdfeeder the same way again.