Friday, June 09, 2006

busy busy

Action packed day for me today, so this will be quick. It's MyFK's last day of school, it's a half-day, and therefore it is also the "please-come-help-us-with-the-end-of-year-school-barbeque" day. My parents are going to meet us there, and then take MyFK with them for an overnighter.

Immediately upon leaving the barbeque I move on to a full day of dance stuff. First, there is a 5 hour reherasal for the full length piece to be performed in LA and SF. Then tonight we have the show in SF where we present segments as part of a collaborative production. So basically I'll be doing the dance thang from about 1pm-11pm.

I did want to try and squeeze in a tiny post of some little oddball things before I head out, though (I actually tried hard to do this yesterday but blogger was down. Poo.) Let's see how far blogger lets me get today with uploading photos.

I picked up a couple of nifty finds from the Japanese Dollar Store (if you are new to my blog and/or don't know what Engrish is go here).

First I picked up a little cotton draw string bag. I've already got the hand dyed sock yarn packed in it for my trip. Only cost me one dolla.

Even the wrapper had funny engrish on it.

It says: I might look a little gawky. I was born this way. There's nothing I can do.


Then I picked up this little zippered pencil case. It says "Cool care makes you hot" (and why yes, it does.) Also one dolla.

I'd been wanting to replace that little notions bag I keep inside my sock knitting tote. That first notions bag was too big, and the pouch was a little deep, so it was difficult to find things inside of it (ie scrambling to grab a crochet hook because I dropped a stitch way back there, for example).

So here is what I can fit inside this new little ditty:
Crochet hook, spare dpn's, waste yarn, stitch markers, darning needles w/case, folding scissors, mechanical pencil, and a couple of tiny index cards for notes (that come from a little ring bound stack of cards that I keep with my stash).

Oh, and I can also fit in my little book light. I use this all the time when I'm hanging around before TheMIG's show...I just clip it onto a rocks glass from the bar and I have have an instant table lamp.


I ripped back TheMIG's ill fitting sock, and knit it up again. It still needs to be grafted, but I wanted him to try it on again first...which he did this morning and (*whew!*) it fits. I had to completely frog the second sock in order to keep the stiping even, so I did that too, but I'm now back to the heel flap on the second sock, so we're doing just fine.

I also ripped back his surprise knit thingy yesterday, and reworked the intarsia section. I finally nailed it, with no wonky problems where the colors change. I'm actually now done with the knitting and just have to seam and assemble.

Here's a little peekeepoo for you of what it is (and a closeup of the intarsia section )...if you know what I'm up to, shut up in the comments about it or I'll delete yer arse. TheMIG reads my blog.

I believe that both his socks and the secret-something will be finished before I leave for LA on Thursday, and if that is so, then my time in Venice is going to be all about the blue socks!



Gang, that stupid little green widget on my prosthesis came was like having a rubber knee or sea-legs or something. I almost broke my neck because was walking all wobbly. The socket that fits on my thigh was rotating around willy-nilly inside of the knee joint (for all intsensive purposes). When I got home and took the prosthesis off, I picked it up to move it into the bedroom, and the whole bottom part of my leg fell off! HAHAHAHA

I don't really have the time to make the trek out to the prosthetists office with the shows and all, and I'm going on tour next week! But guess what?! The prosthetist made a house call! He drove out of his way to swing by and fix it, and even better, showed me how to fix it myself should the screws ever work their way loose again. I now have allen wrenches (sp?) in my purse.



Well, let me just say that the saga continues.

I have two more installments for you, but they require photos, and blogger is just being tooootally uncooperative this morning, and I am out of time. I must get myself together for the rest of my very long day. But stay tuned. And happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I love that everything in your notion kit coordinates. And then the container coordinates with the orange stitch markers. The blue and orange is a great combo! Super cute.

Mouse said...

Great finds! There is a weird dollar store down next to the grocery store I shop in.. I will have to check it out now!

Anonymous said...

I love that your prosthetist made a house call. They don't all do that, you know, no matter how dire your situation. He's a good boy, after all. :)

I also love your table lamp! Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! That "Happy Drive Time" card you sent me makes a lot more sense now.