Sunday, June 11, 2006


If you were trying to figure out what this was.... was this!

He's a JessHutch Robot, and is a (better late than never?) birthday gift for TheMIG. I loved Jess' color choice in the original pattern so much that I just duplicated it, but maybe one of these days I'll make another one with a different color scheme so that this little dude has a girlfriend (do check out Jess' damn cute robot gallery).

I was finally able to find time to finish the robot because MyFK wanted to go to that geeky gaming place this afternoon...and while I'm not a big fan of the place, I knew it would give me time to park with my knitting. I called TheMIG and he came down to hang out with me, which was a special treat. For some reason today I was being a complete cling-on high-maintenance girlfriend, and he indulged me, even though he had plenty of other things to do with his day (luckily the game place offers free wireless!). When TheMIG arrived I was just seaming up the last arm of the robot, but since there was one arm already sewn on, I used it to make the robot guy wave hello to him when he came in...and he really lit up when he saw it. The robot guy (TheMIG hasn't named him yet) is pretty darned photogenic, so once he was fully seamed up, we had some fun with the camera, as you can see.


The performances went realy well this weekend, and I am glad to say that the venue was laid out so that I was able to see the other performers. Good stuff! I'm looking forward to being in Los Angeles to do more dancing, but most of my excitement is overshadowed by my regular pre-trip packing panic. In fact, I gotta scoot and get some stuff done!


Sara said...

The robot is awesome! :) :) :)

David said...

Robot guy is hella cool.

"Hey baby . . . you wanna destroy all humans?"