Wednesday, July 12, 2006

opening night

I'm very tired, so please forgive if this post rambles or makes no sense. I'm not going to do much proofing.
(note: I'm actually falling asleep here trying to upload the photos for this post. Blogger is being poopy and wont do it, and I stubbornly keep trying. I'll try to add them in the morning over coffee or something. If I don't post this now as is, it will never get posted)

All of my concerns about how Anicca was going to play out here at the San Francisco venue went away during this week's rehearsals, and Opening Night was really fantastic and beautiful!! Woohoo!!One down, six to go.

Hey. I even survived the cold, damp, San Francisco fog:

(insert two SF Fog photos)

That's me snapping photos of SF while driving over the Bay Bridge. Probably not the smartest thing to do, and I'm actually surprised the photos even turned out. Good thing I wasn't trying to put my sock knitting into the frame, too....hahaha (Oooo, speaking of which, my sock made a guest appearance at The Traveling Sock this week.)

We had a full house tonight, which kind of blows me away, because the box office was having problems handling ticket requests earlier in the week. I think the solid turn out may have been linked to one really fine write up in the Bay Area's largest local free weekly, The Bay Guardian.

The audience really seemed to enjoy the show. They laughed hard at the funny bits, and a few people even cried in places, too. If you just popped in here on this little ol' blog o'mine, let me expalin to you that a favorite past time of mine is not only watching people being reactionary, but also contributing to it.

Of course, by the end of show, Eric had concluded that the sequence of certain segments was all out of whack, so tomorrow we have to reblock parts of the show, set some lighting, figure out some crucial cues, and work out transitions...all before the house opens at 5:45pm. Wheeee!!!

Actually, I'm quite used to this procedure by now. This happened in Los Angeles, too. It was almost a different show every night. The skill I am developing through this experience is how to be more spontaneous and flexible while remaining grounded. And how to trust myself. Amongst many other things.

Doing this work is really changing me.

Anyhow, the big change in the sequencing is that the duet that I am in is being moved from the second half up to the first half. That means I am no longer dancing about emotional content, naked, in the cold, with dappled sunlight instead of stage lighting (body flaws pop out--joy), in the round, on carpet (I got about 4 really good rug burns tonight), and on an uneven surface. Now I only need to deal with the naked and the emotional part. Which is still big stuff. But comparitively speaking, it should be a piece of cake.

Knock on wood.

I somehow managed to finish TheBride's Boa Thingy today, too...which is good, because the wedding is like, ummmmm......the day after tomorrow!!!!

Here's a shot of me in it tonight just before the run of the show tonight.

(insert Boa Thingy photo)

Two skeins of Paton's Diving in Halo own design, inspired by TieOneOn and Skein Lane's "Our Best Shawl" pattern).
I'm still not a big fan of the garment, the yarn, the style,'s just not my thing. I still think it looks like Cinderella in a bathmat.

But I think the finished item matches up with TheBride's expectations. At least I sure hope so. No time to fix it if it doesn't. It's blocking right now, and I'm meeting up with her tomorrow to give it to her. Since TheMIG is the sound engineer at her wedding, I'm going to ask them both if he can take a picture of her wearing it with the wedding dress for me.

I must go hit the hay. I need to be focused tomorrow for all the changes on the horizon, otherwise I will be missing cues.
Nighty night.


Gray said...
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Gray said...

I'm glad that opening night went well. That really a nice write-up in the Guardian. I'm jealous of your audience. We played baroque chamber music to an inattentive and uncomprehending audience last night and I came home in a bad mood. Perhaps we should take a leaf from your book and play in the nude.