Tuesday, July 11, 2006

calling dr freud

A 10-hour tech rehearsal yesterday, and another one just like it (only more intense) today.
And in between yesterday and today??...seven hours of completely fitful sleep.
Why? Very busy dreams.

I dreamt that my backyard was larger, large enough to park my car inside of the fence. In my dream, I was asleep in bed, and woke to see about twenty people sneakily taking turns scaling my wooden fence to steal parts off of (or things out of) my car. The people ranged in age from about eight to early thirties. I called the police and they did not come. Meanwhile, I kept watching item after item slowly being taken from my car. Like, there goes the spare tire and the bumper...but some of the items being things that would never even be in my car, like a full sized mattress and a statue of a mermaid. I guess I wasn't really just watching them steal stuff. I was panicking and trying to figure out how little ol' me could single handlely stop this large group. I went to my neighbor's house for help (except my neighbor was not my real neighhbor, but instead my real life auto mechanic, George). George was dressed something like the late Elvis. He had weapons and secret agent gear, and he vowed to protect me. After much scheming and effort, somehow George and I caught two of these thieves and tied them up in my house while waiting for the authorities to arrive. I asked these two fraternity looking jocks why they were stealing my car parts and contents, and they told me that they belonged to a secret society that did this exercise once a year as a rite of passage. As a group, they would randomly pick a victim and then strip the vehicle all the way down to the frame. If someone in their group got busted, the rest would come back the next night (and the next night, and the next night) until the job was finished. I asked them, "Why me?"...and I can't remember the details, but I think it had something to do with some alphabetical listing or a phone book or something. Kind of like Navin Johnson in The Jerk.

Back in the real world, my son woke up at about 4:30am. I went to check on him, and was glad to be done with the dream and ready to go back to sleep.

Except the dream picked up almost where it had left off. In my dream, it was now the next day, and now I was worried about the sneaky people coming back to finish the job. My wheelchair had already been stolen out of the car, which I complained about endlessly to anyone nearby (which is interesting, because in Part 1 of the dream I had two legs, and in Part 2, I did not). I was very busily trying to get everything out of my car and into the house before dark, and I was also trying to get all these people in my life to please come help me.

Care to analyze??

I woke up exhausted.
My entire night's sleep was spent freaking out.
And now off I go into the world of dance!


jodi said...

Just plain old anxiety, my dear. Last week I was having the sort of anxiety dreams where you're endlessly trying to get to something you're late for and the public transit keeps depositing you in the wrong place, or keeps you waiting forever, and you're hours late already. Then I went to a morning doctor's appointment and, after waiting forever for the bus, I missed my stop and went waaaaay too far and had to walk back, late for my appointment. I briefly wondered if I was dreaming again but realized that I was far too sweaty for it not to be real.

Funny that they took the mermaid statue before the wheelchair. But maybe that's a clue that it's general anxiety and not anxiety around anything specific?