Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It was not so very long ago that I had to ask TheMIG what a blog was.
Because I didn’t know.
And now here I am, 1-year and some 150-or-so posts later.

~we shall now commence with the celebrating~

And in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day (thanks Inky for the heads up LOL):
‘Tis me blogiversary.
We be celebratin.
'Send me yer good wishes an' I'll put yer name in a hat, matey.

Thar be one prize an' one winner.

Here’s the deal:
Leave a comment. Please note that "a comment" is not plural. Don't make me regret this.
Your name will go into a hat. Or something hat-esque.
Drawing on Friday.
One lucky winner.

The prize? First, you will win something that is not for you. I will make a small monetary donation (in your name or anonymously) to support the thing that you keep telling yourself you know you should be contributing to...and then you don't (ie your favorite world cause, a pbs station, a podcast you love, your favorite local anything...you get the idea).

Once we get that taken care of, then I'll send you a little "something-something" for yourself. I can't say exactly what that is until I see who wins. People come to this blog for different reasons. If you are here for the gimpin' it might be an AmpuTeeHee shirt...if you're here for the knittin', maybe some yarn...or maybe I'll send a book you've been coveting...see what I mean?

Ok. Go.


Anonymous said...

Avast ye, it be time for celebratin'. Arrr! It seems I be the first here pirate to pluder yer comments on this fine day. Arrrr!

[dude, I'm a geek.]

~Donna~ said...

Arrr...and a right good reason to be celebratin' it is...doona be gettin' too piratey in yer celebratin'. We be hatin' to hear that ye be gimpin' the plank. Arrrr!

poseymom said...

I too be new to the bloggin' seas. Ahh but enjoyin' yer posts I am.

Tight sails to ye.

Mouse said...

Arrrr ! Happy Blogiversary to ye, me Yaaaarrrrrny Matey!

InkyW said...

Oh I love a good contest an' I hope that 't be a tricorn hat ye pull me name ou' o'!

Happy Blogiversary, Matey!!

Anonymous said...

A right good reason to have a contest. Happy Blogaversary, matey!

Anonymous said...

Oh ye bonnie wench,

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!! Happy Blogiversary!!

I be gettin' much pleasure from readin' yer blog in between pillagin' and swabbin' the decks.

Love and pirate kisses,

strangelittlemama said...

I be wishin' ya a fine blogiversary. Drink up, arrrrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

sawubona! pirate talking is not my strength, but i wish you a happy blogoversary from south africa. hurray!

Hannah said...

Well, me matey, I be hoping you'll be sending that treasure forth with my name!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy and avast, me beauty! We'll be dancin' the hornpipe tonight right smartly in your honour. Happy blogiversary on this auspicious piratin' day!

Maggoty Meg (just for today)

Anonymous said...

A blogiversary post, says you?
A most happy occasion, says I. Yer a right smart addition to the good ship Blogosphere, me pegleg pretty!

I'll be tippin' me pint of grog back to ye tonight.

Kari said...

I linked over from yarn harlot. Happy blogversiary! :-) It wasn't not too long ago when I didn't know what a blog was either.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh, I'm in yer debt, matey, fer the tellin' o' the TLAPD tale. But don't ye be puttin' me name in no hat er I'll send ye straight to Davy Jones's Locker! 'Tis reward enowt t'come here and drink wit' ye.

I've got these words to say, and these words only, then it's back to Tortuga fer me an' me crew:

Me hearty, it warms me soul to be sharin' these seas wi'the likes o' ye, though we've both had t'peg our way 'cross the decks to do it. Here's to another year o' this pirate's life, an' a better one all 'round!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy, me secret matey! A happy blogiversary to ye! I'll be celebratin with a fine pint o' rum in yer honor!

Pubitor said...

Ahoy ye matey!

May you be findin' a king's ransom in ye treasure chest!

Celebrate me hearty with some grog and wenches! SILVER wenches!

Yours in pirate-eness,

twobadmice said...

Bonny Wench,indeed. Aargh. Ye aren't bluffin'.

I really like wiinin' booty from beautiful ladies.
Ya lily livered swabbie!

Anonymous said...

Awwww .. I would have sent you good wishes even without the lure of a prize.

Happy Blog Day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary! I'm glad to have come across your blog recently. I have learned to appreciate the world from another point of view. Thank you! Betty in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm late for the piratin', but Happy Blogiversary! I'm here for the knittin', and I'm likin' yer Jaywalkers!

I'll be adding yer blog to me bloglines now.


Lorena said...

Happiest of blogaverseries! Avast! Yarrr! (Yarrrrrn!)

Rabbitch said...

Arr matey, I'm a day late and a doubloon short, but happy bloggiversary to ye!

Anonymous said...

Damn! A Day late. Happy Blogiversary! Keep writing.

Warrior Knitter said...

Well, as usual I'm late to the party & a couple skeins short of a sweater.

But belated Happy Blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

since I missed the big day, I don't feel like I should bust out my pirate. but I somehow cannot resist entering your grand sweepstakes!

"I've never kissed a chipmunk, and I don't look good in leggings, and I've never been to Boston in the fall..."

Do you know what pirate sang those words?

Kerry said...

Happy belated blogiversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurking to comment - I always like your blog! Hello! I had found you ages ago through Rabbitch, then I lost you again, and found you again through Stephanie. Happy Blogiversary, wench!

JaymeKnits said...

I came over from the harlot and have since read most of your archives too (it's been a bit slow at work). Just wanted to say happy blogiversary an I love your raw sense of humor and attitude on life.

Carol said...

Holy crap, am I behind in the blogreading. Happy Blogiversary! I'm very glad to have you on my Bloglines.