Friday, September 22, 2006

me, that's who!

From one of my absolute favorite little corners of the internet, explodingdog :

who needs legs?

I think that might even be me back there in the green shirt. Sort of wanting a leg but kind of hiding at the same time.

There's been quite an absence of prosthetic talk around here...have you noticed? Last I wrote of it, I'd been detailing my trials and tribulations regarding the new socket, and the non-matching parts, remember?

I don't think I've written a thing about my prosthesis since.
There's been nothing to report.
I've hardly worn the leg.
It's been kind of standing there propped up in a corner of the bedroom serving no purpose whatsoever. It's not even been made useful as a coat rack.

After I got that new socket back in May, every time I put the leg on, I broke out in this odd looking rash that made my residual limb look polka-dotted. And if I walked around long enough (like 3-4 hours), it would create an open sore (sorry, don't mean to gross you out) on my bumm that took at least a week to heal before I was able to wear the leg again and comfortably be able to bear weight on it.

This is not my prosthetist's fault. Sockets always need a little tweaking, and he's totally up for fixing things when they aren't quite right. But I never called him. I decided that I didn't have time to deal with any of this crap over the summer with all of the hours of rehearsals and performing and touring, especially since I dance without the prosthesis anyhow. But I promised myself I'd get things sorted out when the run of the show was over. I think I returned from touring around August 8th or something, and hellooooo, we're now nearing the end of September and up until a few days ago, I still hadn't done a thing.

You see, it is just way too easy for me to get by without my prosthesis.
I don't miss her at all.
Quite frankly, she is a pain in the ass (literally), and I have had way too much time away from her to know that although she is nice to have around, she is not entirely neccessary.
But she's a pricey little princess to be left sitting in the corner collecting dust, and honestly, I really would like to make things with her work out. Even if I don't end up using her all day every day, it would be grand to have her as another mobility option, say for things like "swabbing the decks with me peg leg" (bwahaha, Sara). I mean, just close your eyes and try to picture me mopping the kitchen floor in a wheelchair leaving little tire track doughnuts everywhere. Kinda pointless, eh? Anyhow, at the very least, she should at least make herself show that she's worth her $30K pricetag (I know, don't choke).

And let us not forget the other very important reason to wear the leg. I have been working on hand-knit socks with custom dyed sock yarn gifted to me to match my fake leg, remember!

That photo was taken yesterday when I dropped MyFK off at school. See??!! How cute is that!! I have an ensemble! The leg at least needs to be worn as an accessory to the socks and the scarf, no??

Ok, so here's bringing things up to speed. I put on the leg for the first time in awhile on Wednesday. I wore the leg that night for maybe 3-1/2 hours, most of which was spent just sitting at Stitch-N-Bitch. I wore it again yesterday for mabye a total of 4 hours, with walking time maybe being a total of 20-25 minutes. I now have the spots on my leg and the sore on my butt, and that was my plan...'cuz the leg doc really needs to see this. I have an appointment with him in an hour...and actually....I gotta go.

Make me tell you how it went, because if you don't hear back about it, it does not mean that all is well and good and quiet on the western front.

It means that the princess is back in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

Thanks all for the blogiversary wishes! I don't have the time to respond to all of them individually, but they did give me warm fuzzies, and the pirate ones just cracked me up.

Drawing tonight at 8pm Pacific, so get your name in there if you still want to ;-)


Mouse said...

If you leave it in the corner then you never have to cast on for the dreaded second sock... I see your reasoning perfectly.. hee hee. I'm having dental issues that sound about like your leg issues right now.. having something you can't use without pain is really really frustrating.

Hannah said...

I just checked out your cafe press shop and love it! (Also found medtees which have some similar things, plus some "inspiration" things). I keep thinking about Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People" story--where the Bible salesman suggestively asks the woman, "Show me where your wooden leg joins on...."

Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like you're having an allergic reaction to one of the components.

I have no personal experience with prosthetics to draw on, but if my daughter had put on a necklace and then had spots around her neck, that would be my reaction.


Anonymous said...

You are ALLERGIC to it! Definitely. I wonder what it is - is there latex in it? I am very allergic to latex - I got a silicone respirator once and got asthma, and it turned out they used the same molds as for the latex ones - they even knew about it, the wankers.

Anonymous said...

I am told that skin breakdowns are the number one reason prosthetics fail to work for people. Yes, it does indeed sound like you're having an allergic reaction. I would have to know more about what your socket or liner is made of, what if anything you wear between it and you, what kind of lubrication if any you use to don it, and stuff like that before I could hazard an educated guess as to what's making your skin freak out. I hope you find out, and I hope you get some kind of alternative which doesn't do that.

Latex, or even just silicone, definitely sounds like a possible culprit. (All the parts that touch my skin are some kind of polycarbonate.) It also might be a matter of sweat absorption and air circulation. (I get a similar reaction from wearing nylons, or even polyester clothing, because these kinds of fiber don't absorb sweat and the fabric made of them is not porous enough to allow sweat a clean exit.) I do okay with my socket, though, because (a) I demanded latex-free everything, (b) I've been very careful about what kind of lubricants I'd use, when I used any (no alcohol! no mineral oil! no petroleum jelly! none! ever!), (c) it has a valve that operates as a drainage plug, and (d) I use all-natural panty liners pasted into the socket to absorb excess sweat in the seasons of excess sweat.

I used to get a sore on my butt from friction, but I used those high-tech bandages, and then BodyGlide, and then eventually my skin got stronger and more resillient in that area.

Other than that, I don't know what to tell you except good luck. I mention these factors at all only because no doctor or other professional ever mentioned or suggested any of them to me, except for the lin valve with the built-in drainage (which came with the socket and cost $65 all by itself) and to ask me if I minded if there were any latex on anything (yes! I minded!). This may be one of those areas where you have to use your own creativity to build your own solution, and these are what worked for me.

Nothin' else to say except "ARRRRRRRrrrrgggghhh, matey. That sucks!" (But your ensemble is fetching.)

Gray said...

I like the photo. Truly color coordinated. If it's not out of line, I have to add that you look just great.

Sara really writes like she knows what she is talking about. This sounds like the sort of issue where other amputees might be your best experts an advisors. Good luck and keep us posted.

For those who are Jewish, happy Rosh Hashanah. May you have a seet new year.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing how the doctor went. You look so cute, all color-coordinated! I love doing things like that.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie! You have to wear a skirt the next time we have a coffee date! You look so cute in that picture!


Anonymous said...

I find you very nice and very attractive. Best wishes, be happy!! I'd like very much to write you getting your answers.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

anonymous ~ asswipe.