Friday, September 22, 2006

from today's in-box

We Have a Sexy New Web Site
We're Inviting You Over!!

Fearless!! Fun!! Fabulous!!
Handknitting Patterns!!

Catarina Bonet Designs

If you have been missing the blog You Knit What?? as much as I have, and would like to bask in the glow of a warm sentimental yourself a favor.

Click, and go get yer fug.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jeebus!

My eyes! They bleed!

M-H said...

Just a warning - the last time I clicked on this link I got several spam emails from this site. Best not to go there! Also, Bonnie, you need to check the links - you have put your address on the front of the Catirina Bonet one.

TheBon said...

I hate her a little for managing to look cute despite that terrible head-thing.

Mouse said...

Dude.. I got hit with her emails for a while as well- I'm pretty sure that she nailed every one of us with knitting blogs who have an email address on our profiles. There's something really wrong with spamming fellow knitters. There's also something wrong with that much acrylic fug in one place.

Kerry said...

I got the same email and I just couldn't help but clicking on the link. Fug for sure. I can't help but wonder why someone who is clearly very artistic would waste their time creating such hideous crap. I mean really, how many people would actually waste good knitting time on this stuff? Or wear it if they did? Yikes! LOL

Sara said...

Ow! Ow! Her web design alone is just this side of seizure-inducing!

And why does the model look like she's dying? Is it liver cancer or bulimia or just really terrible styling/makeup? Poor thing, either way.

I have to admit, though, that I like this hat. But I think it doesn't look all that difficult or original, either. And I also think it would be way prettier without the Lily Munster eye makeup.

Rabbitch said...

Oh jesuschrist. It's not a joke, is it?

M-H said...

No, it's not those of us with blogs randomly, it happened again yesterday within an hour of me going there, not recognising the name from the link Bonnie gave. She is harvesting the IP addresses of people who go there and spamming them. Chasing up casual visitors to a site is beneath contempt and smacks of desperation.

Lorena said...

My eyes! My eyes! I've gone bliiiiind! Well. At least I won't be able to read the spam I hear is coming my way now.

Diane said...

Man, everyone is so serious! Lighten up - life is too short. I think this hat/headdress is hilarious - and in its own little weird way, very cute and clever. And when it comes to "creating" arty/crafty stuff (anything for that matter that falls in that category) who else gets to decide what is the "right kind of art work" someone is supposed to be doing other than the person who is doing it. Obviously she must enjoy making these things and patterns. Some little harmless turkey headdress is nothing compared to the time wasted on a lot larger commercial endeavors.

P.S. I haven't gotten any spam.