Wednesday, October 04, 2006

it's a link-o-rama kind of day today

Scarred For Life
This morning, Karen-The-Lurker sent me a link to an article about Ted Meyer's "Scarred For Life" art showing.

I find this fascinating. As a result of my accident, I sustained either incidental or surgical scars on every single part of my body except my left arm.
Betchyall didn't know that ;-)
Anyhow, they all have their own personalities, and I have this one on my upper right arm that causes me alot of grief as it catches people's attention so often.

I've considerred tatooing around it or something to make it into something more artistic and lovely. It is fascinating to me to see someone take scars and make scars art OFF of the body, though. Neat.

If you need a laugh, do check out today's post at Cabin Cove.

Not sure why that blonde jab had to be in there though, the story is totally hilarious all its own.

It was M-H aka The Witty Knitter that offered a link to a new knitting podcast called Purl Diving. My jury is still out on whether or not I like the podcast yet, but at the very least, I do owe her a deep bow of gratitude for pointing me to my new favorite music thing: MarvinSuicide.

It's a weekly 30 minute show full of podsafe/free music. The shows are quite different from one another (some electronic, some jazz, some quirky, etc etc) click around. You might like some episodes more than others. I really like almost everything I've heard, and it's got me checking out new artists. I've downloaded about 9 shows so far and even if I don't like something he plays, I haven't found anything I couldn't stand yet. But my tastes might run a bit different than yours (I'm an episode 81-83-85 kind of gal).

I'm not entirely sure his name is Marvin, so I have no idea what to call him....but my favorite thing about the show is the host's voice and some of the dry humor he dishes out. I need to find a way to send this guy a cyber whiskey with a beer back.

Snarkland got me doing the quiz thing yesterday:

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"What we know is not much. What we don't know is enormous."

That's all folks. It's a very busy week for me. I've got some sort of appointment or commitment every single friggin' day this week. In between stuff, I am knitting away, I have an FO to share (photos soon), and I'm also working on a big philosophical post about knitting and life and it will probably end up being some huge brain fart that will make no sense to anyone other than the author but whatever.


Carol said...

Sheesh, my last words will be "I can pass this guy!" Which is such a joke, since I'm one of the carefulest Mom drivers I know.

Hope you get thru your week with some time to yourself for knitting.

Anonymous said...

Mine were "Nice doggy." SO FUNNY, I'm always petting all the dogs and at least chatting up the snarly ones. LOL

I'm with you on the collecting of somewhat matchy things and also hoard bags and boxes of papers that I'll go through someday! Thanks for the scar art link - I sent it to Twisty at I Blame the Patriarchy - she put up a boobless pic the other day.

Gray said...

That was a good link to Ted Meyer's work.

I have very few visible scars, and only big one that people notice, so I have have little sensitivity about them. A brand new intern during her very first hour on the hospital floor, who had never touched a patient's skin before, put 18 sutures in my arm after my brother-in-law accidentally cut me. She cried during the process, but I told her that I was comfortable and that I trusted her. My guilt-consumed brother-in-law, the intern, and I felt surprisingly bonded by the experience.

The head of the ER is a close friend of ours, and a few years later he forwarded to me a essay the former intern had written about the incident. I sent her back a photo of my scar, which she apparently framed and hung up in her house.

Anonymous said...


If I die at 45, my last words will be "Nice doggy." If I die at 50, my last words will be, "So you're a cannibal."

ha ha ha

What a difference five years can make!

Thanks for the Ted Meyer links. (I immediately thought of La Twisty, too, Patti.) That is some beautiful and intriguing stuff.