Tuesday, February 27, 2007

house of crud

The above photo is an accurate representation of all I have seen since early Sunday morning.

A bed, really really bad daytime television, and lots of tissues.
I kid you not. I've hardly moved.
Lots of fever. Lots and lots of chesty coughing.

MyFavoriteKid has the crud too, and hasn't been able to go to school. Between the two of us, I really think the house should be quarantined. Every mug, cup, and teaspoon sits piled up as it has been used for warm teas, juices and doses of medicines. We could really use someone to come dig us out, but they should come wearing a hazmat suit. I did actually ask my parents go to the store and bring us fresh rations of fruit and more orange juice and whatnot so we don't also contract scurvy. We're so ill that my mom left the bags at the door and wouldn't step foot inside the house LOL.

If I owe you an email or if I'm not commenting on some big happenings on blogs...please forgive. I've read something like two posts in 3 days and I think my bloglines is about to blowup.

I'm going to go crawl back into the nesting pit now.


Anonymous said...

Sending virtual chicken soup to you and TheKid. Get Better.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

feel better. WCD

Mouse said...

I did see a rather fabulous picture of "the Bonnies" on Yarn-a-go-go's blog yesterday..
I'm sorry you're feeling so miserable and hope you (and son)feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Feel better!

Carrie said...

Oh, my gosh, we have been so sick before that people would leave our groceries on the front porch! I hope you all feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor babies! If you want to put it into perspective -- or maybe just scare yourselves silly -- read "The Great Influenza" by John Barry, a non-fiction book about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1981 and/or "The Last Town on Earth" by Thomas Mullen, a novel set at the same time about the same topic.

Anonymous said...

OOps, the Spanish flu epidemic was 1918, not 1981.

~Donna~ said...

Hope you both feel better soon!

al said...

aw, hope it passes quickly! guess that means no snb tonight! :(

Anonymous said...

Poor things! I hope you are already feeling better.

Diane said...

I sure hope your Mom included some of those srawberry fruit pops in the survival kit. Those are one of my DD's favorites.

Pam said...

Hi, just dropping in to say
how much i enjoy your blog.
Sorry about the move but
the fav kids got to be safe and
get a education. I watched Mills
on Dancing with the Stars and
thought she did well. I thought her dress could have been more complimenting but even with two legs i couldn't have done it.
wanted to know what you thought assuming you had time to watch.

take care love Pam