Friday, February 23, 2007

it is *just* an observation

blue is the color of disability

February + March = Blue/Gray/White @ Project Spectrum.


Sheepish Annie said...

Funny how I never noticed that...says a lot about perspective, I think. When you don't have to consider something as part of your own daily routine you forget that it is a huge part of others' experience.

Those signs *are* all blue! How did I miss that?

Anonymous said...

The blue actually refers to "HEALTH".
In the hospital there is code blue which means one is close to death.
The diamond with four colors which can be seen on trucks or tanks which contain a gas or liquid has a blue diamond with a number. The number refers to the level of danger the contents pose to your health.
Blue health
Red flamability
yellow reactivity
white special

you've got a good eye. love your blog.

Rabbitch said...

Expires June 30. I assume you'll have grown another leg by then?

DianeS said...

Rabbitch beat me to what i was going to say...

Carrie said...

Also the color of the most beautiful sky, the perfect finish of a ceramic bowl, my favorite color in a quilt. Blue is so, so versatile. Share the blue love!