Monday, January 21, 2008

flyer for upcoming show

I will be performing in a work in progress entitled "Spinal Fluid" with Dandelion Dancetheater. It is a trio with two other female dancers.The piece will run three times, in different configurations.

First, we dance outside in front of the theater, as people enter. We then travel into the lobby, where the piece runs again (sort of like an art installation that you pass by and ponder). Then we make a procession through the theater and onto the stage where it runs as the opening of the show.

Things may shift though....Eric, the director, is the MasterOfLastMinuteChanges, so one never can tell what he's got up his sleeve until showtime. This used to drive me batshit, as I felt like I couldn't ground into the work. Having worked with him for a couple of years now, I think I understand his creative process a little bit more. Lots of goodness comes out of change. I have learned to center myself when things shift, and I feel I have grown quite a bit personally by learning how to be so adaptive. It's overflowed into other parts of my life.

If you come, feel free to say hello. You can wish me happy birthday, too. Or you can stay home and watch football LOL.

A press release about the entire show can be found here.


~Donna~ said...

oooh! would love to come see, but i'll be england. That's the first weekend of my trip.

Have a great show and a wonderfully happy and so on b-day!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

donna ~ yes! I know! I am so excited for you :-)
There will be more shows. In fact, I think a run of the final work is happening in April sometime.

ginaknits said...

I have been planning on coming to the show ever since it was announced, but I'm doubling my resolve now that I know you will be part of it. I have been one of Eric students and part of his student productions, and he is definitely the "master" of constant change and ever-evolving dances. See you on campus!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

gina ~ Wow!!! You knit AND you have worked with Eric??? We MUST hook up!! :-)
Oh, and I went to rehearsal today, we ran the piece in all 3 locations. And I just got home and there is an email changing it all around ROTFLMAO. I'm so glad it doesn't tweak me out anymore! It's actually quite dynamic, if you ask me.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

Yay! Merde! I think people from West Coast are coming ... I'm down and out.

But thinking of you