Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it's cold and rainy, and i do not even remotely feel like eating raw foods. ugh.

There's my dinner up there (clockwise, from the top): a marinated kale salad, sunflower sprouts, a patty made out of brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes, flax seed crackers, live kraut, and some avocado.

Granted all of these are delicious tasting (to me, at least...I didn't go to culinary school for nothing), but if you wafted a plate under my nose and on it was a baked potato or some stew, I'd chase you down like I was late for the bus.

It is damp and freezing cold (no really...there was snow just 30 minutes away from here last night). I WANT HOT FOOD.

Now, I normally do not eat 100% Raw Foods diet. My goal, as of last fall, has been to just add more raw/living foods to my diet. Not to take anything away from my diet, but just to add. That plan has me typically eating anywhere from 50-100 percent Raw on any given day. Since last fall, I'd say most days I average about 85%. Most the time I like it, and I feel good. Salads are happy things.

But my plan to add without subtracting shifted a week ago.

Last Monday I started on one of those 4-week, Let'sHoseOutYerInsides programs. In addition to taking all sort of funky herbs and drinking several nasty concoctions five times each day, I have also been instructed to eat 100% raw. Oh, and not just 100% raw, but raw with restrictions. Never in my wildest dreams could I have guessed that a eating raw could get any more restrictive than it already is. Who woulda knew.

Each week more things are taken away. As of today (day 2 of week 2), the list reads like this:

* all flesh foods
* dairy
*caffeine (including chocolate) <----DUDES, NO CHOCOLATE
* alcohol
* white sugar, white flower
* all grains and cooked foods

Decrease: (read as also soon to be eliminated)
* nuts
* sweet fruits

Actually, I think by the end of next week I'm slurping everything through a straw. Yummm.

My only comfort is to knit. I almost have a new hat.

aint it funny how they make it look like the detox will be a day at the beach?

In fact, this was my avatar for several days last week.

Beware the chick slurping the green drinks and holding pointy sticks.


Suzanne said...

I've got to give you a lot of credit. There is no way I'd survive on 100% raw food. And restrictive?

You get a medal for surviving a day without chocolate, lady!

Mouse said...

Good luck.. I'll cheer for you while I eat mac & cheese from the sidelines. Don't look at me like that.. its cheap and I'm broke.. and sick of raman.

Janice in GA said...

Whoa. Will you get to add any of those things back in after your cleanse is done?? That's harsh...

But it's your body, and you have to do what you think best...

JohnK said...

I'm with mouse on the mac & cheese line.

We're in the rice & beans mode here. Is that a bamboo plate peeking around the meal? *envy*

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Suzanne ~ Okay. Where's the medal. And is it made of chocolate.

mouse ~ I did three years of ramen, dude. But you know what? Growing your own sprouts? About $.20 in seeds. Same price as ramen. Don't look at me like that.

janice ~ Yes, I will get to add things back in eventually. This is just for "the cleanse". No matter what, I'm thinking I'd like to live my life primarily raw from here on out. I feel my best.

john k ~ Ahhh yes, rice and beans. Been there, done that. Again, lettuce and sprouts are pretty cheap, too (out here, at least). And yes! Bamboo plate/bowl sort of thing. I love it, but I only own one ($$kachink!$$). It's so pretty though, it makes eating this way a little more tolerable!