Friday, February 15, 2008

mail call

A couple of treats came the mail this past week.

Goodies from TheBon!
She called them BirthMas presents (Birthday/Christmas). Hey, any day is a good day for goodies :-)

Fantastically orange measuring cups, to match my fantastically orange kitchen.

That girl has got my number, I tell ya'. She also knit me a big stack of orange and brown dishcloths as a housewarming gift.

Also in the package, a handblown glass ornament made by a local student/artisan. And for MyFavoriteKid, and his grand collections, a geode and a cluster of amethyst crystals. What is special about rocks, is that they were found at TheBon's Nanie's when they were clearing things out after her passing. Super special gift. Really, click that Nanie link back there and read the eulogy. It is beautiful.

Also, some yarn just sort of strangely found its way into my mailbox this week, too.

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, color cw-935 Salmon Berry Red

Not that I need more yarn right now, that's for sure...especially before going to Stitches next weekend...lordy. But I am really feeling the itch to knit me a garment, and I would just LOVE IT if I could make something that is actually going to be IN SEASON when I finish it. As it stands, I think I will be finishing the scarves and felted slippers on my needles just in time for MayDay. Just dandy.

With this new pile of goodness, I am going to knit Juliet (the longer version), so I have a little short sleeved something-something to toss on over tank tops.

I bought a little extra yarn "just in case", but I am hoping that there is a skein left over to make ViolinJodie's Saturday Market Bag. I plan on making it with two shoulder straps instead of one though, like this one.

I did actually finish knitting one of the two scarves I have been working on. It's the process of being shibori-ized, so I won't bother you with half-finished photos just yet.

I'm hoping there is one last cold snap before spring so I can actually wear the danged thing! It's been feeling like an early spring here all week (not that I'm complaining).