Thursday, February 14, 2008

things around my house thursday, 7 of 52

Still touring the Wall O'Boxes, we are....

Things Around My House Thursday

Do you keep a little box of sentimental things from your sweetheart? I bet you do ;-)

This is my box full of trinkets related to TheMostImportantGuy. Newspaper clippings, movie stubs, matchbooks, love get the idea.

I grew up a tomboy and hated pink and purple, but here I am, a grown woman, with a Sleeping Beauty music box. I even know that Sleeping Beauty is Aurora aka Briar Rose, and that her hero is Prince Phillip. I didn't know that when I was seven, but there I was at thrity-seven knowing it when I bought it.

DisneyCheesy, I know.
Shut up.
To me, TheMIG is a Prince.
What else is there to say.

My fun today was taking out the box to photograph it, and then taking some time to go through its contents. One of my favorite things in the box is a birthday card, given to me by TheMIG in 2004. This was just a couple of months after we met.

It was a HORRIBLE day. I don't remember exactly what was going on, but I know I was at work, and I know that things were going very poorly. I am certain it was female poltical drama, as I supervised a bunch of gossipy girls that just loved to make my life miserable. Not one single person at work had remembered it was my birthday, and birthdays to me are hugely important. I don't care much for most holidays to be honest with you (oh---Happy Valentine's Day, btw---hahahaha), but for me, birthdays are important.

Anyhow, at some point during the early morning that day, I got in touch with TheMIG, either by phone or online. I admitted to being sad and miserable, and it not even feeling like it was my birthday at all.

Just a little while later he showed up at my work.

He took an extended lunch break and drove, I dunno, 45 minutes each way maybe (?) to bring me this card.

I already knew I adored him, but that moment sealed the deal. I felt very loved and understood, and it really did feel like he rode up on a white horse (okay, his little white car) to save the day.

Oh, and it made the gossip girls jealous.
Bonus. ;-)

The little box is pretty stuffed full now, and this winter, TheMIG gave me a new box. I love little boxes. This one is much cooler.

It's from BornLippy, and is a hand-crafted one of a kind treat.

It even has a guy on a white horse inside---teehee! (my favorite thing is the little bottle cap that says "sausage teapot" on it, though).

I cannot wait to fill this box up, too.

Going back up to the photo up top there at the beginning of the post, if you look to the right of the box, there is a little red book with handmade paper in it. This is a book of secrets.

When I met TheMIG, I found myself wanting to tell him things about myself that I had never said to anyone before, and things that I was too uncomfortable to say out loud. So I'd write them in this book, and I'd leave it out for him, and then he could pick it up and read it at his leisure.



The Bon said...

I want to say something meaningful and awesome because I think this box is both of those things. However, my brain is fried, and not likely to emerge for a few days yet. So instead of meaningful you get "neat!"

Kim Ayres said...

You're important.

And that's important :)

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

That is SO cool! And clearly you found yourself a winner. :)

Hey see you next week at Stitches!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

TheBon ~ Indeed :-)

Thank you very much, Kim.

NoBlogRachel ~ I'M the winner! (yay, me!) And yes, see you there. Saturday. I'll be the one in a wheelchair running over everyone's wheeliebags ;-)