Tuesday, February 26, 2008

why is it that i always buy one more thing than what i went in for

I joined in on (yes, John...I have joined something ELSE) Larissa's call for dishrags.

Today I finally made it over to the big-box-craft store to buy a skein of ecru kitchen cotton so I can whip one up for her project.

The extra thing I walked out with is an Easter egg. I'm not even into Easter (spring fertility symbols, sure...so I guess it's close enough).

I just couldn't stand it.
Bunny secrets.
Giggly bunny secrets.
Too danged cute.

At least I hope that is what it is.
Heck, up until a few seconds ago, I actually saw this as a Boy+girl bunny (which clearly it aint.)
I might be seeing it wrong.
Maybe they got food poisoning from something in the garden.


Kathleen said...

Looks like giggly bunny secrets to me! :)

JohnK said...

Joining is a good thing.

I am only concerned about the hours in a day.

back to the giggly bunny secrets,
and easter.......?

Rabbitch said...

Could be boy + girl bunny.

Jennie said...

I thought they were giggling. "Hee hee, Lesbian bunnies at Micheal's; we sure foold them!"