Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's something like 1:50am, so it is officially Friday, and this officially counts as a Blog365 post, right?

It had better, because I confirmed our flights mid-day today (after about 3 hours of trying to get through overloaded phone lines), and I finally confirmed that all was okay, and our flights were NOT going to be canceled.

But when I decided to check again just one more time before going to sleep at around 11pm? I found everything had indeed been canceled.


I've been on phone for another 3 hours trying to get us booked with another airline. We now will arrive home even later (it was first 7pm, then 9:45pm, and now 10:30pm), and we also have to make two plane changes (yes, us...the PartyOfFourPeanutGallery, in which we have 1 minor child, 2 people with disabilities, and 1 person who will be kvetching all through the airports because she can't smoke a cigarette for 13 hours--this oughta be fun).

I will never fly again, and if my suitcase makes it home, I am going to burn it.

I am sorry if this is rambling and disjointed, but I am exhausted. I need to go now. I can get about 4 hours of sleep if I go now.


Anne-Marie said...

Its Friday? I thought it was Thursday...

Lucky you have a camper really, long journeys are like a vacation on the way to a vacation. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing! When I woke up this morning and heard they'd canceled eight million more flights I wondered how you were getting on. Er, if you would be getting on...blech.

I hate flying now. My true love recently took a train to New York from Boston. He rode first class. It cost as much as a coach seat on a plane would have, but he had tons of room, a little table, and meal service. When you figure in the amount of time one wastes in the airport nowadays, it didn't even take more time.

I'm never going to fly again, either, except in chartered or private flights. That first-class train experience? That sounds right up my street.

The Bon said...

I much prefer flying to either taking the train or driving when I have to get all the way across the country. Since I don't have much time for visits with my family, even with flying hassle it's still way faster than the alternatives.

Depending on the line, trains can be really really messed up schedule wise, at least as much as planes!

Anonymous said...

That's seriously shitty. I'm sending peaceful vibes your way all day. Hang in there - you will get home! (At some point.)

M-H said...

shit shit shit. Sending good thoughts for your day of travel.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you made it home! I was worrying about you all weekend. (It's good; it took my mind off my own worries!)