Wednesday, April 09, 2008

this cannot be a good sign

My mom rings my room this morning to tell me that she's watching the news and that the airline that we are booked for on our return trip has canceled something like 850 flights today. Or yesterday. Or today and yesterday. Whatever. A LOT of flights.

I log on to the laptop to start getting the details in front of me so that I can call American Airlines and the email at the top of the stack that pops open automatically is my "Daily Thought" from It says:

April 09, 2008
I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.
— Frank A. Clark


I've already been on the phone for a couple of hours. The automated system for American Airlines says we're on a flight departing at 10:55am, the paperless ticket (sent by an email and then printed on paper--could someone please explain that to me??) says we depart at 7:30am (but that ticket was issued by Delta, who we flew out on--explain that too, will ya??), and the assholes at Expedia apparently think I am a party of three and that my son should be left here with his grandmother.

When I use the automated system at American Airlines, it shows everything correctly, thank goodness (I just hope it's for real), with our entire party of four departing on our preferred 10:55am flight. But then the television news shows a big giant mess at the airports. And when I call American, they won't even give the option of speaking to a customer service representative. The just tell you that they are busy and to call back later *click!*.

Better start looking for that humor, huh.

Anyhow, my plans to use the BloggersBidet are probably cursed. I will probably be on the phone all day trying to get through, although I was just thinking maybe I should take a little tour into Boston today and perhaps our first stop should be to see the scenic beauty of the American Airlines counter at Logan airport.

Next time I drive.

eta: if you are missing me, you can see me over at Sara's!