Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm going to miss my knitting deadline :-(

I'm just now knitting the heel flap on the 2nd sock for the San Francisco One-Sock-A-Month KnitAlong Group (ravelry link).

I know that I still have one more day left, but it's a day crammed filled with tasks I can't do while knitting, and it's not helping at all that I am not in love with the stitch pattern. I cannot begin tell you how much I dislike ribbing, and once you toss in that little annoying mock cable stitch (which is painful for my right wrist--the one with all the scars and hardware in it), my knitting just slows to a crawl.

The good news is, the heel flap does not have that ribbed/mock-cable stitch, and the foot of the sock has only half of that stitch than the leg did (because the sole of the foot is plain). So it should go more quickly. But it won't be done by tomorrow night.
Oh, well.
Hopefully I'll get it done by Sunday when the group meets up to go yarn shopping for the August/September socks.

Lucky for me I can show up on Sunday just wearing the one finished sock on my one and only leg and pass as an accomplished knitter.


Jennie said...

Holy cow, that yarn is so purty. I clicked on the link and then stopped breathing for a short while.

The pattern looks great. Good thing you have an out for not showing two complete socks! You crack me up.