Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's supposed to be Things Around My House Thursday, but it's difficult to do that when I don't even want to be here in my house right now (as lovely as it is). I have a horrendous case of cabin fever developing. See, I am trapped in the house, and with an 11 year old man-child, no less.

The streets in my neighborhood are being completely ripped out down to bare earth, and repaved. Somehow, the rippers aren't communicating well with the repavers, though. As of today, I kid you not...I cannot get from my house to the front entry gate of the community with my car.

I am completely bugged as I am missing dance class tonight, and I was going to perform there at the end of class. Even rehearsed yesterday and got my costume all pressed and ready.

I think my co-teacher, KarenThe(blogless)DancingLurker, thinks I am making it up, so here is proof:

taken right out my front window

This one's from the front window, too. That's the machine that chews up and spits out the old asphalt.

This is one of the many intersections that I cannot get through...the messes that are preventing me from getting to the front gate.

this was taken when you could still just barely get down one side of the street, and then, in all their brilliance, the workers tore up the other side of the street at the same time, so the whole damn thing became inaccessible. Lovely, eh?

I am so stuck.
Hope nobody in here needs an ambulance tonight.

You'd think my housebound status would mean that I'd be nearing my sock knitting deadline, but nooooo.....because all the racket is apparently goofing with my concentration (or maybe its' the fumes?)....and I have had to rip out the same danged heel flap 4 times now.


Mouse said...

That is SO brilliant - closing down the road to an entire neighborhood! How are people supposed to get to work? *sigh*

kasiaiscarly said...

OMG, I can't believe you can be at home with that. They were repaving two blocks over and I was nearly sick from the smell. If they come to do our street I'll have to go elsewhere until it is over (assuming of course they don't make it impassable!)

Anonymous said...

*Mock gasp of horror!*

I never doubted your veracity!!

And you were right: it does look like a war zone. That is one big-ass mound of asphalt.

Love, Karen TDL