Friday, August 01, 2008

strange brew

Odd Topics That I Have Rolled Around In My Head All Day:

* the word "palliative" (thanks to a link of John's), especially the notion of how money could be used as one.

* the word "fritter" and wondering how on earth squandering relates to a yummy treat.

* some prejudices within myself that became unearthed (in regards to the body and its weight) that I had no idea existed in me.

* and last but not least, today I was jerking around my with camera and started shooting pics of my scars (hint: I have many. The car accident left one on every single part of my body except my left arm...which in celebration, probably deserves a tattoo or something)

Either I'm going slightly insane (still stuck inside, can't drive anywhere), or I am on the verge of creating some very bizarre art/dance piece.


JohnK said...

Brew is right!

Sounds to me like a dance or something is getting ready to appear.

I love the creative process.

Anonymous said...

Both--use the insanity to create a dance. Insanity and creativity are extremely closely related. At least, I've always found it to be so. :)

Unknown said...

you definitely need a tatoo on your left arm...and to create a crazy dance as well, possibly involving me in it, when are we going to do our duet?? :)