Sunday, August 17, 2008

dear diary,

I'm sitting here staring at the blank blog entry screen, and I can't even figure out what topic to put my focus towards.

I kinda want to say something about school starting tomorrow, and the fact that summers seem so much shorter than I remember as a kid.

I kinda want to something about how I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the routine again. Big time. I have hunch it might even feel comforting, even though I know that after awhile it will probably feel like a grind.

I kinda want to say something about the last few weeks and how quickly it whizzed past me...with the touring, and the visitors coming to stay. How much I learned about myself, and how much fun I had spending time with friends.

And I kinda want to say something about not being able to understand this danged knitting that I am working on right now....and then maybe something else about food and cooking and eating and maybe something else about the Olympics and and and....

See?! Scattered mess. Oh, well.

Let me at least shout out a huge thanks to my mom, my dad, TheMostImportantGuy, and MyFavoriteKid. All joined in this morning for the GreatWhackingBackOfTheOvergrownGardenGoneJungle. Lordy, what a mess. There is no way I could ever have fixed it on my own. Thanks guys!! *mwah*