Saturday, August 16, 2008

snaps on saturday

I have been so tired, and so busy, and so "still feeling on the verge" of being sick...that I forgot to take a photo today. Lucky for me I have some old material. Here's some knittin' for ya':

Pattern: Nine to Five Socks by Nicole Hindes (ravelry link)

Yarn: Dream in Color "Smooshy", 1 skein
Colorway: In Vino Veritas (the color in the middle photo is most true)

Started: June 7th, 2008
Completed: Aug 5th, 2008 (first sock completed 6/23)

Knit For: me!, as part of the San Francisco One Sock A Month KnitAlong (ravelry link) sock in June, one sock in July...clearly I was a little late, but hey--if you look at the start and end dates, I still did two socks in two months time basically, so shut up ;-)

* I used the modification noted on the designer’s blog for a cast-on of 60 sts.
* It was driving me nuts that there was an odd number of sts after completing the heel flap, and that you were to eliminate that extra st by doing an extra decrease on one of the gussets. Instead of following that instruction, I got rid of the extra st on the last WS row of the heel flap by p2tog in the center, then I turned the heel.

Notes: Great pattern, very well written. I love the finished look, and I love wearing them. I absolutely detested the knitting of them, though. Just my own personal issues, people...but that mock cable stitch? I am sick to death of knitting it, and it was killing my (already bad) right wrist. Wouldn't mind having more pairs of these in my wardrobe, but would probably never knit them again, so I am so glad these fit like a dream.

More notes on the ravelry project page.

I've already started the Aug-Sep pair of socks, and I'm probably a bit behind of where I should be. The last couple of weeks have been too busy for knitting. But MyFavoriteKid returns to school on Monday, and hopefully for me that means a return to my knitting!


Mouse said...

Pretty! I like your shoes too..

TheAmpuT said...

Dude. SHOE. (singular) hahahaha
And thanks, isn't it cute?! Super el cheapo from the discount section at Shoe Pavillion ;-)