Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry it's only been pictures lately. I still have a full house with visitors, and we've been busy! Additionally, I am on the verge of being sick. You know the feeling, like when you are on the verge...and you know that if you just lay flat, you might kick it's ass and win? Kinda like that. Except I haven't been able to be flat, so I keep leaning farther and farther over the verge each day (this started Tuesday--ugh).

Anyhow, today was less tourism. Today was MyFavoriteKid's Middle School Orientation. School here starts MONDAY---can you believe it?!?!!

There's some middle schooler legs. Lame photo, I know. But I always feel bad about posting pics of kids I don't know (even kids I do know). So legs it is.

The orientation was interesting. It was 4-1/2 hours long, and it was for kids only. No parents allowed. There were 8th graders on site to serve as guides, and when the newbie 6th graders arrived, the upper classmen were hooting and hollering and cheering them on as they entered. Yay. Much better than hazing, eh?

At the end of the orientation there was a barbeque, and the parents were to show up at that point to complete paperwork, pick up schedules, purchase uniforms for phys ed, etc.

It was right around that time I turned to MyFK and said, "So. Do you know which classroom you go to first thing on Monday morning?"
"You spent 4-1/2 HOURS being ORIENTED, and you don't even know where to go on your first day of school??!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gah. (I am certain that was a listening problem, not an administrative one).

At least MyFK is paying attention to something in school. Waiting in the mailbox when we got home were the results from last year's state testing:

Advanced in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Sciences. Perfect score in the Mathematics, I might add (*toots a party horn!*).

Later in the day, I taught one of the visiting little girls how to knit. She only did a few rows, but hey...she made an apron for her bunny.

I'd call that an FO. ;-)

So now I'm flat in bed, trying to keep from feeling sicker. My girlfriend went off to take the dance class that I normally teach (being led tonight by one of my co-teachers). MyFK and her two kids are hanging out with TheEX who is babysitting the whole lot of them. And I'm getting ready for bed. At 8:30pm, which might just be a personal record.


Dragonfly said...

I'm way behind on blog reading so I'm mostly flying through without posting comments. But I had to laugh about not knowing which class to go to on the first day and guessing it was a listening issue. Sounds so much like my kid! I'm kind of glad that here, 6th grade is still part of elementary, I'm not ready to say he's going to middle school. (although I think we must be one of the only districts around where this is true because everyone assumes he's headed to middle school or junior high this year)