Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today was just full of all sorts of disappointments. From first thing in the morning being forgotten by time-wise by someone who should have remembered me, to last thing at night going to dance class for Circle Dancing....and not getting to dance.

And there was lots of other miscellaneous stuff in between.

But the big dud of the day??


Well, I didn't lose all of my knitting (that would be impossible). But I was almost done with the second little green motorcycle cowl, and I swear, the little elves have ran off with it.

Last night I fell asleep with a whole pile of stuff on the bed next to me (king sized bed--hey, it works): the tv remotes, my cell phone, an ipod, the laptop...and the knitting. This morning I get up, I put everything away, I make the bed, and now I can't find the knitting! I can find everything else, but not the knitting. I have looked in all of the obvious places, and I have also looked in about an hour's worth of the not so obvious places. Seriously. Like every single drawer and cupboard in this house, and I even went through the garbage bags that I took out to the trash cans this morning. Nasty.

No. cowl. anywhere.

So if you see the little elves running around with it, get out your blowgun for me and wrestle it back, will ya'?


Mouse said...

I keep losing a hat that I made.. its driving me nuts! I hate it when I can't find my WIP. I'll keep an eye out for gremlins in knitwear for you!
(my word verification is "undees" lol)

Dani said...

have you checked places that kitty might have dragged it? I used to find pieces dragged behind bookshelves and turned into beds or chew-toys!