Friday, October 31, 2008

never say never

I have never dressed up any of my pets. I have never wanted to dress up any of my pets. And I did not want to start this year with either of these new pets.

However. There was a dog costume parade about my little neighborhood tonight, and the guy up the street that brings his dog over for doggy playdates was insistent that we attend. He even went so far as to purchase Riley a costume.

Riley The Pooping Pumpkin

He didn't like the costume (especially the hat), but he loooooved the prancing around with the other dogs. It wasn't so bad

The rest of my day? Totally insane. TOTALLY. I'll get up early and tell ya' all about it over a cup o'joe.


Unknown said...

"The pooping pumpkin" - LOL

Okay, so it's the next day! I'm sitting here with my coffee - tell us all about it.