Saturday, November 01, 2008

snaps on saturday

Ya' know, my intennnnnnnsion was to grab a cup o' joe and sit and type, but the morning was just and friggin' insane as yesterday (I will explain. I promise.)

In fact, it was so insane, that I didn't even GET to have a cup of coffee. I had to buy it on the road from a drive thru coffee shop. Ugh.

At least I was on my way here:

I headed there in the first complete downpour of the season, but in very good company. KarenTheDancingLurker and I went to check the place out before they close the storefront in January** (ohhh, the sadness). For those who don't know about this place, they only carry their own line of yarns, and they are all yummy and unique. All over the store are hanging multiple swatches of each of them, and if that is not enough, every single one of them is available for you to sample knit. You just grab a ball and some needles and plop yourself down and bang out a few rows.

The first was first time there. I had ordered from them online, but had never been to the shop in person, because every single person that I had ever gotten into a discussion with about this store, warned me about the dreaded stairwell (Artfibers is on the 2nd floor). Everyone insisted that I might need some help getting up there, and that I should probably not go alone. I listened to y'all because I know not one of you see me as lame, so I figured it must be quite horrible. I still cannot figure out why each and every one of you failed to recognize there is an elevator. Sheesh. Had I known that, and been able to go on my own over the years, maybe my purchases alone would have kept them in business (hahahahaha).

Yes, I bought more yarn. No, I do not neeeed more yarn. (oh my gosh, it is sooooo lovely).

So I was supposed to be home from this little excursion around mid-afternoon, and meet up with TheMostImportantGuy, who was waiting at my house. Karen and I got so carried away with swatching every single yarn before we purchased then....and then going to lunch....and then going clothes shopping....that I ended up getting home at 6:30. Whoops.

I'm glad to report TheMIG was in good spirits about it all, and that's good for me, because he was the overseer of the choas and the insanity that I left behind in my wake.

I know, the clues. It's killing you, no?
More tomorrow.

**Artfibers is closing it's retail store, but will continue to sell online. They will send you a sample of any one of their yarns so you can knit a bit before you buy. Cool, eh? And you can buy whole cones of the yarns, or have smaller balls wound off, to get just the amount you need. Check them out, and get on their email list.


The Bon said...

There's an elevator!? I seriously only knew about the steep staircase! Is the elevator in a different place from the staircase? I guess it doesn't matter because the storefront will be closed before I get back to the Bay Area.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

The elevator is only like 5 feet to the right of the stairwell!! LOL

~Donna~ said...

Dude...wish I would have known you weren't going cos of that... *I* knew there was an elevator!!! I used to work 2 blocks from there. And I've had to stay away from there since I can't be buying yarn anymore for a while. :(

Anonymous said...

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