Monday, October 06, 2008

I seem to be all about the complaints right now. Sorry. But remember, kvetching is apparently part of my "process". Today, it's all about complaining about knitting, which is somewhat rare (Hey, I said somewhat. Shut up. At least I am honest. And at least I realize that I possess the ability to complain about anything. And everything.)

First up on my fiber-y complaint list is this yarn that I purchased last month. Expensive yarn. Ex.Pen.Sive. Like, angora. And two skeins netted me a measly total of 100 yards....barely a friggin' handful....

...for what I paid I could have purchased a few bags of groceries instead. That kind of expensive. But it's a special treat for a special baby (or at least that was my justification when I whipped out my wallet. Oy).

So I sit down this morning to hand-wind this ShouldBeGildedWithGoldLeaf yarn, and guess what I find.

Three breaks in the yarn (clearly I am annoyed if I am willing to make y'all look at photos of knots--hahaha). This complaint will make no sense at all to you if you aren't "one of us knitterly types", but I am telling does not make for happy knitting or feeling pleased with your purchases.

So as an added bonus, in the midst of winding this yarn and finding all of these darling knots, the phone rings and it is someone from Stitches offices. See, I got the brochure for Stitches West in the mail last week, on Septeber 30th, to be exact. On the front of the brochure it says to Hurry!! because registration starts (ummm...started) September 17th. Great. I got right on it though, because I have been trying to get in to classes for 4 years now, with no luck. I have signed up for their email list, too...but it seems to me that the emails about class registration go out even later than the danged brochures. There must be an A-list somewhere, and clearly I am not on it.

Anyhow. So the day I get the brochure, I go online to register and all of the classes that I am most interested in are already full. Go figure. Except there is this one about spinning. And it is open. So I register, and I am thanked for my purchase, and I am emailed a confirmation of my registration. Then today I get the call that the class is actually already full, but I can go on wait list. Yay me.

So I hang up the phone, finish winding the now un-knotted (but in 5 peices) yarn, and I decide to sit down and knit a few rows to relax myself before driving into San Francisco for my appointment with the torturer. I mean, scar doctor. See, he lives in the Castro, and the news is saying there was a big house fire near his place, and the main road into his area is closed. So knitting a few rows before going to calm myself would be a good idea, even if I probably DO need a few extra minutes to get there.

So I go to get my knitting, and what do I see???

THAT is my knitting bag.
Turned kitty bed.
And it was even sitting right next to an actual kitty bed.

Glad to see at least someone is pleased.


The Bon said...

Frustrating. I'd call wherever you bought it and complain. At the very least someone should know that there was a knot every 30 yards. That's crazy talk [and I don't get worked up over knots, generally].

Guernseygal said...

Hugs :-)
It was obviously one of THOSE days ( the sort where you wish that you had never got up)- Bummer about the yarn though - at that price you would expect a knotless skein (well I would)

Mouse said...

I agree with the Bon about the knotted yarn..
Also.. that kitty is so cute that I would think it could get away with sleeping on your knitting! *squishes*