Sunday, October 05, 2008

Today went differently than I had expected. I had totally planned on it being a "girly" day (hence my passing on the Yarn Harlot excursion yesterday and spending Saturday with TheMostImportantGuy instead). It didn't end up being a girl day at all.

My plan was this: I invited my bellydance co-teachers to join me at this relatively new weekly ecstatic dance thingy. There was no guarantee either would come. Neither one got back to me on it with a firm commitment, but I was kinda hoping (I gotta work on that hoping thing--it aint workin'. Neither is the throwing open house parties, either...more on that another time).

I went to the dance thing anyhow and had quite a good time.

Great dance space (the Historic Sweets Ballroom in downtown Oakland), really good music, and good group of people. The only rules at this place are:
a) no conversations on the dance floor
b) dance however you want

Love that.
I always wonder why there isn't some rule posted about toucing people, though. I have never been able to understand why people who are into contact improv think that when another person gets down onto the floor that it is an instant inviation for them to sachet over to you and touch you. Especially when this was not a contact improv event (even though there were many from that community in the room). This phenomenon is not unique to this dance event. It happens everywhere. And being one legged, if I am out of my wheelchair, I might be standing for awhile, but it's a pretty safe bet that at some point I will also utilize the floor. I am also a bellydancer, and we use do "floorwork" often. But when I go to the floor, that means I want to move differently than when standing. Not that I want to dance with you.

Contact improv is okay with me. When I sign up for it. I like contact improv. And I did some of contact today and it was fun. I am sure that if I didn't want to, my wishes would have been respected (maybe). But I most certainly was not sending out the "dance with me" vibe when I was approached, either. It's always a bit curious to me.

There was an altar set up in one corner and someone had left a deck of osho-zen-tarot cards. I drew this one:

The general gist of the card was something about fruit knowing when it is ready to fall from the tree. Natural process.
Not quite sure what that means yet.

So after the dancing, my plan was to maybe spend some time with the ladies, but since that didn't pan out, I actually got to spend a really fun afternoon with TheMIG instead (bonus).

Later in the evening, I was scheduled to meet up with another friend (actually the adult daughter of one of the co-dance teachers). We were going to go to the MAC Cosmetics store for a party they were throwing to release their new make-up line. That friend cancelled in the early afternoon (sick), but I went to the party myself anyhow.

What a bummer that I showed up in my wheelchair and I could only get three friggin' feet in the front door.


So no girls today.
Well, except for the two chasing me down on the dance floor.

Anyone wanna do coffee or something?


Mouse said...

Oooh.. dancing & MAC all in the same day? Sign me up!!
re: coffee -- love to! :)

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Coffee? Any time! I'm expecting delivery of a vehicle that uses way less fuel than my current one, and as soon as that happens it won't cost a fortune to do a little driving. :)