Thursday, October 16, 2008

nitey nite

Ooooo so late and soooo tired. It was a very busy afternoon, like all the ducks were in a row so tightly that if one of then quacked the wrong way, I was going to be screwed. Luckily, everything went off fine, and I concluded my evening at dance class where I got the chance to re-run the last solo I had worked on. I am hoping the next day or two provide me with some clues about the next piece of work, because I believe it to be related.

I just got home and promptly broke a lamp. It's a little chilly, so I went to close the bedroom windows, and shattered the lamp on the nightstand. It was old, and kinda dorky....but it was old and kinda dorky (meaning: I loved it). It was a hurricane lamp in milk glass that had acorns and fall leaves painted on it. I've had it since my very first place, so I'd say about 23 years. And it was old when I bought it (thrift store find).

It's is now in a million pieces, most of which I cannot reach without moving the dresser (yay---another thing on my to-do list!).

Things are shifting over here, big time. I have lots to write about, and hopefully some time this weekend to tackle it.

Still dont quite understand yesterday's buddhist connundrum, even with all the explanations (but thank you!!). TheMostImportantGuy says he's gonna hit me 30 times.