Friday, October 03, 2008

selfish knitting

Here's how I talked myself into dropping every single thing I was supposed to do today to selfishly knit myself a new hat:

* Everything on my needles is for other people.

* Okay, I do have a shawl on the needles for myself, but I haven't been working on it as I had intended, and it's not like a shawl is instant gratification anyhow, people.

* I could really use me some instant gratification.

* Especially since I have been complaining about doing things for everyone else but myself.

* And especially since I have this wrap that I picked up several weeks ago:

...that is sorely in need of a matching chapeau (I know. The shock. I own a scarf that is not handknit. But I happen to love fabric, too).

* And oh jeeez....will you just look what I have had in my stash for ages, that just happened to just leap out of it's resting place and into my hands:

Talk about a perfect match.

* Ooooh, and it is getting cooler here in the mornings.

* And if none of these are reason enough, let's blame it on my new really cool aromatherapy diffuser that was dispensing "Creative Juice" this morning.

Okay. So I knit myself this hat:

I actually started it Wednesday night, and finished it up this morning instead of doing some fairly necessary errands (oops). But wasn't it worth it??!!!

Pattern: Kilter, by Alexandra Tinsley (ravelry link)
Yarn: Manos del Uraguay , color #118
Needles: US 15's and 13's
Mods: None, except that I had a jenky little hole near the wrap and turn, so I fixed it up at the end with a few duplicate stitches. Oh, and I added a doo-dad to the hat band. I knit up a little square (US 13's, CO 5 sts, K 4 rows, BO), then sewed on a vintage button and safety pin to the back.

Would I Make It Again? Totally. Might even have to do it up in this juicy red manos that I think I bought at the same time as this stuff.

Ravelry Link to My Finished Kilter Hat

So off I go now, back to working on the knitted gifts. I really must get cracking on them. They do have a November deadline. And now I need to add in one more quick baby hat and booties for the friend I mentioned yesterday. She had the baby last night at 9:58!! Whoohoo! You know, mama is one of our bellydance students, and we had dance class last night. Sometime around 8:45 or so, we did a set of bellyrolls in her honor. I kinda like to think we were all helping her from afar to push or something. I can't wait to talk to her about it (I've only spoken to the HappyDaddy thus far). They have family coming in this weekend, so I'm going to wait until next weekend to show up with lasagna and handknits.


~Donna~ said...

cool hat and yay! for baby!!!!

I hope i have some yarn left from after i knit up something from that stuff i brought back from would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Yay for new babies! :)

The hat is gorgeous and you totally deserve to knit something quick and gratifying for yourself. I've been knitting myself socks all year, and since it would take me about 5 weeks to wear them all, I'm knitting for others the rest of the year.

Although, that hat pattern is really cute...